Thursday, 5 January 2012

Scarlet letter...

My nails have taken a bit of a beating over the last 3 weeks. I haven't been looking after them as much as I should have and now they are flaking and peeling. Serves me right.

I know I will have to chop them all off short and start all over again, but thankfully I have nails that grow fairly quickly so it shouldn't be more than 2 weeks and they should be good and long again. Thanks to a diet that is fairly high in protein, my hair and nails grow fairly quickly as keratin (the stuff hair and nails are made of) is a waste product of protein. I promise to actually start taking my Omega 3,6 & 9 supplements too.

This is Crimson. Part of the Virgin Vie mini polish collection featured earlier this week, here, its a very grown-up colour. The kind of colour my Mom would love.

Its definitely Scarlet, with a faint hint of shimmer running though it in the bottle, but which doesn't really show on the nail. A very sophisticated shade altogether.

Unfortunately, I am more "Faux-sis-ticated" than Sophisticated (I can't colour in the lines = polish all over cuticles), which resulted in me getting a nice fabric imprint on my middle finger. How appropriate.
Ah well. I tried :)

This is a shade that I struggle to wear as I feel it needs to be worn with a nice matching lip shade. I posses no red anythings (except one other red nail varnish). It also cried out for a little black dress... I countered with a Black sweater and jeans. It was too bloody cold for a dress. Also I don't own a black dress either.

The formulation with this one is a little harder to work with and deffo needs two coats to be fully opaque. It does wear well with a base coat and a top coat. The brush is lovely, fans out easily and you can coat the nail in two swipes (but this polish needs a third swipe down the center to even out the colour). My gripe is with the handle. Its too short and makes it bloody finicky. It may just be my giant hands though.

I thought I loved this colour... but as it turns out I am not that fond of it. Its a beautiful colour, but I don't like it on me. Maybe in 10 years. Maybe...


  1. It is a stunning colour but I get what you mean about it being more suitable when we're 'older' and ahem sophisticated :D

  2. I know... I am well into my "durty thirties", but I still feel to young for this :)

  3. Pretty colour, very old Hollywood-y!


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