Who am I

Originally from South Africa, I used to be a full time project secretary before we (the hubs, kids and me) moved to County Louth, Ireland in 2007.

I have some basic beauty training from Avroy Shlain / Justine and Virgin Vie in South Africa, for whom I used to be a "sales representative" in my spare time. On moving to Ireland, I could have carried on with Virgin, but I felt that the products were a bit out of my league and the main base was in the UK, so I went with Avon instead as the products seemed a bit more accessible.. And then Avon left Ireland.

So now I am testing and trialing various budget friendly (and some not so budget friendly) beauty options. This is so that you know my background, how much I love make-up and where I am coming from. I am no professional, but I am working towards getting there :)

I am now a 30-something healer, nutritionist, early childhood development specialist, toxic waste management expert, human relations officer, household budget allocator, sales rep (unfortunately no commission on selling the virtues of eating your vegetables) and portraitist or SAHM  (stay at home mom), to a hard working husband and two very special offspring.

I am trying to keep my creative juices flowing by trying my hand at writing in a public setting. I love to Rock Out in the kitchen with my kids.

I sew, knit, cook, mend, paint (walls, furniture, fabric, faces, nails). I can use a drill effectively. I have my own tool set. I love make-up and skin care. I am a coffee addict. I have a Saharan sense of humour (its dry in other words).

 i heart reading.

And I am a devoted follower of some fantastic blogs.

Thank you for reading.

1 comment:

  1. It's dry, but you can drink it.... (I miss Savannah.)
    Hey Cindy :) I work with your hubby, well, in near proximity anyway.
    I'm not exactly big into makeup and all that jazz (although I won't leave the house without mascara on), but enjoying your blog anyway! Keep it up, it's great. (And I haven't heard the words Avroy Shlain in forever!)


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