Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Smells Like Chocolate But You Can't Eat This...

See this little unassuming bar of soap looking thingy here in my hand? Its my new favourite body product.

First off... it is not a bar of boring old soap. It is actually a massage bar.

A CHOCOLATE Massage Bar. Its the yummiest smelling thing I think I have ever smelt in my life (apart from my babies after a bath). Really. I want to eat it it smells so good. Like chocolate, only better cos it has a bit of a coconutty undertone. Yummo!

I got this as part of a pressie from my husband. It only comes as part of a set consisting of a Loofah slice, bath bomb (TutenKalmer) and a beautiful soap (Foaming Fudge) and the set is called The Chocoholics gift set.

The Company that makes this baby is called Bomb Cosmetics. Based in the UK, these guys make everything by hand, with mostly natural ingredients. I like what they stand for (find it Here on their about page) I like that they list all of the ingredients for all of their products (even the gift sets) on the website, clearly, underneath the description of the product. no digging to see if there is anything that will irritate skins.

Back to the massage bar though... made of  mostly cocoa butter and coconut oil,  this round bar sits quite comfortably in my hands, and as expected, on contact with the skin it starts to melt. I know that you should use this to facilitate massage. But since my husband is terrible at such things (he considers a pat on the back good enough), I have been using this as a solid body cream instead.

Straight out of the shower while my skin is still warm and a bit damp, I run this baby over my skin and working quickly rub the grease-fest in a bit before jumping into my jimmy-jams. Yes its initially greasy. But it sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't leave a film on the skin. It is definitely improving the look of my skin, I have been using it since Boxing day and I haven't experienced any of the itchy, dry, pulling feeling that I normally get after about 4 hours of putting on my regular body moisturiser.

My skin is loving this stuff , just drinking it up. Most noticeable change is to my shins. Where normally the skin is dry and dull and almost a bit scaly looking, regardless of the amount of body cream I put on, not they are smooth and healthy looking, shiny and no sign of scales or dryness.

I haven't used any of the other bits out of the set yet. I haven't really had time to breathe, let alone run a bath to test out the bomb (I heart bath-bombs muchly) and the soap it too pretty to use just yet. But I will. Eventually. I will also add some of their Bath Brulees to my collection... soon.

In the mean time, I am using this after every shower. And LOVING it.

The set can be purchased from Bomb Cosmetics, here for £9.99 (excl delivery).


  1. YUM! I'd be scared if I left it down himself would smell it and think it was chocolate. I'd come home to a bite missing!


  2. This sounds really great! Must give it a try!


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