Monday, 2 January 2012

Velvet... underground

This is one of the very few beauty products that I brought to Ireland when we moved from Johannesburg, South Africa.

As a way to bring in a bit of spending money I sold cosmetics from Virgin Vie.
Yes. That Virgin.
The one owned by Richard Branson.

While I never got to meet The Man (that privilege was for the Top 20 sales people, my sales were only moderate), I loved the cosmetics and the products, even if they were a bit on the expensive side. To be fair though, they never, EVER, branded themselves as a budget brand.


This little quintet of 5ml polishes is from their (now discontinued) Renaissance Collection. It was a lovely collection of luxe-inspired colours that oozed decadence. They come in a cardboard box that slides out of its cover to reveal the polishes. Really pretty when displayed on my chest of drawers...

Velvet is my favourite colour. Deep dark purple-black base shot through with very tiny subtle purple glitter particles. Its a lovely grown-up goth colour. I love it.  I tried so hard to capture the lovely velvety colour of this polish but its such a difficult colour to capture accurately. Most of the pics I took show this with a brown undertone, but in real life there is no brown in this polish. Its Purple. I promise.

This is the best pic I could get of its purpley-black wonderfulness 
Two coats gives full opacity and that lovely dark (almost black) purple colour that is hard to achieve.

 To prevent staining and chipping (and tip wear) I use my trusty Avon 24k Gold Strength as a base and top coat because the only downside to this polish is that it wears at the tips very quickly (after about 8 hours I see noticeable wear).

The other colours are Titan (Brown/purple odd colour), Crimson (a Shimmery Berry Red),  Marble (a lovely subtle Pink with teeny-tiny silver glitter) and Ermine (A subtle silvery lilac).

I think I paid about ZAR120.00 (about €8) for the set nearly 6 years ago. I don't wear these very often but they are still every bit as good as the day I got them. They haven't gone dry or gloopy or separated even though they are 3-free.

Virgin Vie UK does some excellent cosmetics, even if they are on the moderate to expensive side. Their One-step Face base is excellent for Oily skinned gals (I was one and Loved this) and they do fantastic home-wares too. Wait for their frequent sales to bag a bargain though...

I plan on wearing all of these shades over the next few weeks so that I can re-live the memories associated with them, so look out for other posts as I will be looking for dupes :)

 Happy New Year Peeps!


  1. Great post, I've never tried Virgin Vie but think I'm going to look into it. That polish is lovely x

  2. Knight'sEclectic - they have some really fab bits and bobs... but they can be on the pricy side. They do however last and absolute age so are worth the splurge :)


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