Wednesday, 5 October 2011

night time skin care

This is what I have been using on my face at night. I have combination skin. Dry in some places, Oily in some places and normal everywhere else. Proper combination.

It must be working to a certain extent as I haven't had my usual breakouts that I normally expect to get, even around 'that time'.

I do however struggle with pigmentation on my face. Having spent 27years living in an exceeding sunny climate and stupidly neglecting to use sunscreen, its accurate to say I have a pigmentation problem. So I have been trying various creams to try lessen their severity.

Because I am trying to keep my muslin cloths from getting stained and manky, I use wipes to remove the majority of my make-up before doing a proper cleanse. These are doing a fab job so far, but I don't wear heavy or waterproof make-up. They are fairly rough, so be gentle around the eyes.

So after cleansing with my trusty No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, I pat on 2.5 pumps of Estee Lauder's Idealist Even Skin tone Illuminator. I have been using this on my face for the last 2 months. Its a lovely serum that sinks in quickly. Its not made much difference to the actual pigmentation, but I think it has made a big contribution to the overall brightness and lack of breakouts. My Pores (with a capital P)are looking so much better and the texture of my skin is lovely and velvety.
Verdict: Love it and will definitely be saving hard to re-invest. I live close to Newry, so I got mine in Debbenhams for £42 (as opposed to €57 for 30mls). I purchased this at the beginning of August 2011 and I still have just over a quarter of a bottle left. Great value.

I apply my Avon Clinical Lift Eye cream to my eyes. I am using this to get it finished. I wasn't overly impressed.

Then I pump 2 squirts of African Extracts Rooibos Tissue oil into my palms, rub together, and pat onto my face and neck before massaging in. My Mom got me this in one of the South African Pharmacies so I have no idea what it costs.

It smells a bit iffy, a bit like a balloon if I am honest because there are no perfumes or mineral oils in this. All natural oils. And my Face is loving this. It does feel a bit greasy on, and in the morning when I wake up I can still feel a bit of oil on my oily bits, but the rest of my face feels really good. Soft, and moisturised. No blocked pores for me yet.

Here is a step that I have only added in the last two weeks. And I have to say I am seeing the results, even in such a short space of time.

 I picked up Avon's Planet Spa Japanese Sake and Rice Luminous Face Treatment ages ago intending to use it on my face, but for some reason I just never got round to it

But when I woke up one morning and noticed that I had really bad wrinkles and lines on my neck (the dreaded Turkey neck), I knew I had to do something. So I started using this budget beauty on my neck after I applied my Tissue oil. Its a pleasant smelling gel/creme that is pretty and iridescent. Easily absorbed, but if you use too much it tends to go funny.

Its working. I have a funny feeling that it would make my face break-out, but on my neck, its doing a great job.

I haven't seen much improvement in my pigmentation, but it is slowly (achingly so) fading and I am not having a problem with breakouts using the oil as a moisturiser, I know this can be a problem for some. And my neck is looking much better with the use of a neck cream at night.

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