Thursday, 6 October 2011

not to everyone's taste...

I am South African. I did the majority of my growing up in the 80's and 90's.

A time when MSG and Tartrazine was only just getting blamed for all kinds of bad things. My mom used to put it on everything. On our rice (instead of gravy), on Pork Chops (which I still do), on our peas, on steak, on salad samwiches, on salad. On roasted potatoes, on fish, on chips. Everything except Breakfast. Unless breakfast was bacon and eggs :)

Anyways. Aromat is one of those seasonings that has been around for ages and has mostly fallen out of favour. But Since I am now an adult I can do what I want. To a certain extent.

Aromat is something that brings back so many happy memories for me.
My mom would cook  Mielies (mee lee-s or corn on the cob), and with fingers burning, because we couldn't wait for them to cool down, we would slather on butter and Aromat.

 I recently introduced my kids to this method and while they didn't love the addition of Aromat, a Mielie dripping with salty melted butter doesn't stay on their plates long.

The other way I like to get my fix is on a boiled eggs.

I realise that this may not be to everyone's taste, so is there a seasoning that brings back memories for you?


  1. I have never tried this seasoning but I like the look of that corn on the cob!!

  2. My Mum used that stuff all the time! I still use it too. That Aromat is gorgeous on chips! I use it on roast chicken too, put it on before you roast it :D

  3. Its kinda like Marmite Anne, you either love it or hate it :)

    MissGreenEyes... I forgot to mention I love it on chips. Everything except Porridge and cereal really ;)


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