Tuesday, 4 October 2011

new addition...

I woke up one morning an looked at my face thinking "ohh, looking good". Then I looked down at my neck.

*insert massive scary slasher movie girl scream here* Oh my word. My Neck. It looked about 30yrs older than my face.

Cue the A-team music... I hatched a cunning plan. I still had my Avon brochure handy and immediately ordered a cream for my neck.

I decided on this: Avon's Solutions Neck + Chest Perfector.

Its a 'Tone Correcting Treatment' with a SPF15. Great, two birds with one stone and all that.

It comes in a hygenic pump and one pump dispenses enough cream to do my neck (front and back) and Chesticles, as Len Goodman would say (yes I am a Strictly come Dancing fan).

A lightly tinted lilac coloured cream, it smells pleasant without being  over-powering and the scent disappeared quickly. It sinks on quickly and is very moisturising without being greasy.


After using this for 2 weeks I can say I have seen a drastic improvement in the condition of my neck and chest. I am seriously impressed. Even the stretchmarks on the auld 'boobage' from my pregnancies are looking much better.

RRP is €13, But I paid €6.50 on offer. You get 100mls in the tube. Enough to last a good few months at least.

So... Do you use a neck cream yet? If not... you bloody should. Unless you WANT to have the Face of an angel and the neck or a tortoise.


  1. I've just been using my normal moisturiser and sun cream on my neck so never thought of a separate neck cream. This so great though so I might add it to my ever growing Avon shopping list.

  2. CFG - its lovely as its a bit richer than a day cream, so very moisturising. Perfect for plumping out wrinkles.

  3. Brilliant news! I ordered this, for the first time, last week. Delighted to read such a glowing report. I also ordered Liquid Bra and cellu-sculpt ...what are your thoughts on those (if any). As you may have surmised, I had my own 'what the he'll is that?' experience with a mirror.

  4. Hi Annie, the Cellu-sulpt is a loely cream, absorbs quickly and is non greasy. But I can't say I noticed a massive difference in the cellulite. But my skin felt pretty good after finishing the tube, smoother and tighter. But the bumps were still there :(


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