Monday, 16 November 2015

REN Moroccan Rose Shower Gel & Lotion

I was thrilled when these two mini's from REN popped thru the door. It was just the thing to lift my mood and because rose is one of those scents that invokes memories it brought back some great ones. REN Morocco Rose Otto Shower Gel and Body Lotion smells just like the Tea Roses my mom grows in her front garden, the ones  I would pick and display in my room, like true rose, with that bitter note that smells just like crushed petals... I adore it!

The packaging is beautiful, like the kind of thing you would expect with the Moroccan tag. And it looks great in the bathroom, either in Mini form (as pictured above) or as the full sized 200ml bottle. These minis are great for a SPA break as a treat...

The bottles are soft enough to squeeze easily and the nozzles on the top allow the product out easily. REN Moroccan Rose Otto Shower gel foams easily, and cleanses gently without drying. I like to keep the body lotion in the shower too and use it while my skin is still damp, to lock in extra hydration.

REN is a fab brand just generally: they don't test on animals and their products are free from mineral oils/petrolatum, which is what sets off my daughter's eczema. And for the most part, the products are all well priced and fantastic value as they last so long.

REN Moroccan Rose Otto smells richer and more indulgent that any of the Rosa Centifolia cleansers, but they would still make a lovely little set if you were treating someone special this year... Cloud10 Beauty has two sets available: REN Moroccan Rose Trio Gift Set €30 or REN Moroccan Rose Duo Gift Set €40, either would make a lovely set for that person who loves the smell of roses...

**Samples gratefully received, opinions my own.


  1. REN is a lovely brand, I love that they do sample sizes.

  2. I never heard about this brand! Thanks for the post ♡

  3. No wonder why a lot of people love this has lots of great qualities.


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