Wednesday, 11 November 2015

er uh yeah

oh yeah Hi... so...

Its been a busy few weeks. But I can see from posts across the blogosphere that October hit most folks hard and a whole lot of us are just now starting to recover our equilibrium again. I have even seen it in the kids and in my friends and their families, October is a bit of a "stall" month, folks are feeling that tired end-of-year slump but it's just a bit too early to get excited for the festive season.

But we are pretty much half way into November and in OUR house we can't really get excited for Christmas until after Liam has had his birthday at the end of November... but that feels like it will be next week. I can't believe how quickly the time is going past!

I've started makeup classes (so I'm getting a qualification!!!) and I am LOVING IT and the kids are back to school properly now too so we seemed to have found a rhythm that suits us all.. although I am still surprised at how much I am struggling to get thru my homework and additional research and trying to get my case studies done! But its fun and I am loving it so I'll make it work.

I have had a few great additions to my stash while I have been awol (I am always so thankful) but it has made me realise how much money I am going to have to spend to stock a kit with products that I would use on someone else's skin. And don't even talk to me about brushes... but hey... my birthday and Christmas fall within a few days of one another!

For now though I am organising and trying to keep my ducks in a row while getting set for a visit from my mom (who I haven't properly held for nearly 3 years)!

I have a bee in my bonnet now so I wanted to say thanks for sticking with me (if you have) and things will be back to normal now I'm all excited again!

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  1. I'm glad that things are getting going again, November is flying in! Congrats on the makeup course, and I'm glad you're getting to see your Mum x


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