Wednesday, 4 November 2015

CATRICE Autumn Winter additions to the permanent line

Budget brands are seriously stepping up their game this year. I have already blogged about a few new essence bits, but today it is CATRICE's turn. All of these products are on stands now, and while they aren't limited edition... I would get the bits that interest you sooner rather than later as the good stuff tends to sell off quickly and some stands are slow to be re-stocked (especially if you live in the country).

There are three new kinds of Lip products, and I was sent 2: The new CATRICE Pure Brilliants Colour Lip Balm (€5.49) which comes in 5 different colours, and the CATRICE Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick (€4.49) which is available in 12 colours.

Above is Pure Brilliants Colour Lip Balm in 010 Sparkle Sparkle Little Star, it is a lovely little twist up lip balm that feels really nice when you smoosh it on your lips. It isn't coloured, but it is pearlised. And the pearl can look very odd if you lash it on willy-nilly, so as much as I like to smear this on liberally, I end up looking like something out of a Halloween catalogue... if you are using this when you go out you need to use this sparingly. Sparingly. Like pat it on to the middle of your lips lightly with your finger sparingly. I do like that it has a pointy point and not a blunt one and that it twists up and my lips are in fantastic condition so I will continue my Sparkly Casper Lip affair. In Private.

Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick is nice.... but its not mind blowing. More of a highly pigmented lipgloss than a liquid lipstick. This is no OCC Lip Tar. but as a lipgloss its pretty awesome. Comfy on the lips with good slip but no stickiness, I like how it looks on my lips and its pretty fool proof to apply even without a mirror, just don't overload your lips with product... as tempting as it it because it feels great... but you WILL end up with Overdrawn Lips and not in the good way. The thing I didn't like about this is that the lid doesn't click closed properly and its all loosey-goosey and makes me worried that it will open in my handbag.

These trio's are the one thing I highly recommend you pick up. At €5.39 CATRICE Deluxe Trio Eyeshadow sets come in three colourways, but Rose Vintouch is aubergine magic. 3 baked eyeshadows in a handy little palette that you can just throw in your bag when you need to go from work to a night out. Pigmentation is fabulous and you can use these as-is for a toned down look or use them wet for a way more dramatic look. Pick this up: its gorgeous.

My favourite favourite polishes are budget ones. And I'd say a good 70% of my collection is made up of CATRICE and Essence polishes. There are 12 new colours that have been added to the permanent collection so there are a total of 35 colours that you can choose from over an above their limited edition additions AND 8 Luxury Nudes (€3.29)

Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer (€2.99) in 94 It's A Very Berry Bash is going to be my December polish. Pretty much opaque in a single coat, a second coat just intensifies the colour and really makes it look Posh. A gorgeous, grown up Red. I really like it, it makes me feel cosy and warm and ready for wine by the fire.

As I said, Catrice do some really lovely Limited Edition collections that ALWAYS have a few bits that are so worth picking up (for next to nothing) to update your makeup for the season. The Alluring Reds collection is currently on most Catrice stands and is perfect for the festive season.

**Post contains PR Samples gratefully received, Opinions my own


  1. I love that red nail polish, I've picked it up and put it back at least 5 times! I hate when lipgloss doesn't close right, had that issue with a Tanya Burr one once. Love Catrice though, such a great budget brand!

  2. Very beautiful colours♡♡♡♡♡


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