Monday, 10 February 2014

Mani(c) Monday: Minimalist Padmé Amidala

Mani(c) Monday's are back! I have been slacking with my nails lately, mainly because they have been is such bad form. I made the fatal mistake of peeling off a two-week manicure. I did this when I was in South Africa in November last year, and its taken me this long to get my nails to stop peeling so they can get long enough to see.

But they are getting better now.... I can actually see my nails over my fingers again. I am NEVER EVER peeling my nail varnish off my finger nails again.

I originally "spotted" (ha ha) THIS mani on Butter London's Instagram, and while they were showcasing the models hand, the Manicurists Manicure put me in mind of Queen Amidala's make up. I love Star Wars and I adored what they did with Natalie Portman's costume & make up in the movies. And while Queen Amidala's dots were red, I prefer black dots a la Butter London...

So I started with a base coat of Sally Hansen's 4-in-1 nail treatment and then two coats of  Models Own Utopia. On its own this Models Own Polish is awful. It drags, dries streaky, dries to a rubbery finish that seems to catch on everything, and it feels like it doesn't actually dry properly. Regardless of how thin you make the coats or how long you allow them to dry. I like the pinky, nudey, lavendery colour though, so I put up with its finicky ways.

Then I picked up my dotting tool and dabbed a bit of NYC City Blackout onto a bit of foil, picked up my trusty medium dotting tool. Next time I will use a smaller nib though. A small dot of black in the middle of the nail close to the base, and then no touching or moving while they dry.

To gloss and unify everything I topped it with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. My most favourite fast dry, ultra glossy, chip-resistant top coat. But I went in too soon and I dragged the colour of the black dot on my pinky and waited a few more minutes for it to dry proper properly. Then the rest of the nails got topped and I was good to go.

Justine Tissue oil cuticle treatment finished everything off. I'm looking after my nails see?

I really like how this turned out. It looks "totes profesh", and it is the simplest thing to do. It was quick and easy and didn't take too much thinking. And I think this would work in a number of colour ways..

You don't need dotting tools, you can use a pencil, an old pen, a bobby pin, the back of a pin, a toothpick or a paperclip. When Wednesday rolls around I can change this up by putting a matte top coat over it or paint extra on it. I haven't decided yet.


  1. This looks gorgeous! Love the minimalist nail art! I peeled a shelac manicure off once and my nails took absolute ages to get back to normal, they were flaking and really brittle! Nightmare!

    alex @

    1. Oh Alex, I feel your pain, I have two nails that are still peeling like all heck. Its so frustrating! Glad you like the mani!

  2. Love this chic look. And love the Padme inspiration even more! Star Wars 4 life!

  3. I love it, it's so simple but so eye catching!!

    1. Thanks Sarah, I'd like to say it was hard work, but it really wasn't! So very easy!

  4. Love this, so pretty and simple. I just peeled off my shellac at the weekend, I was flying over to Oslo and I hate flying and get really nervous and started picking at my shellac because I was all anxious and fidgety and before I realised it was all gone and broken nails was a disaster! :( My poor nails were so long and healthy for the first time in years and I've ruined them now....shame on me! haha


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