Wednesday, 12 February 2014

More Lush: My Valentines Picks 2014

So last week I told you about the new bits from Lush for Valentines day, a small but rather lovely edit. Today though, I want to share the bits that I think are the nicest and the things that I would love to receive:

I already professed my love for the Lots of Love gift box. Already wrapped and filled, with a card attached, all you have to do is write on the card and take the price off. Simples.

A good mix of products, for €33.95. You get:

-A small Ro's Argan Body Moisturiser
-Small Prince Charming Shower Gel
-Full sized SexBomb Bath Bomb
-Full Sized Tender is the Night Massage Bar
-100g Neon Love Soap

If you aren't willing to do the whole big lush box thing (which will win you big time brownie points.. but anyways) and you just want to make a small gesture, then any of these bits would do the trick:

  Prince Charming Shower Gel is sweet and citrus. It is uplifting and refreshing while still being sweet and lush. You can also use this as a shampoo, although the smell doesn't linger in my hair like I hoped it would...  It didn't dry my skin though... so I handed it over to Hannah (my 8yr old with eczema) who used it and like it. We have only used it once on her, but it was a nice treat for her, and it didn't exacerbate her eczema... so we will try it again and I'll let you know.

Sexbomb is magnificent. Jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage: seductive, rich and stimulating. The bathroom smells amazing, the house smells amazing, I smell amazing. And if you crack this baby in half you can get two gorgeous baths out of this. And there is a pretty rice paper flower in there too... it dissolves into nothing in the bath. I think this is around the €4.50 mark.

The Kiss Lip Gloss is €7.50 for the wee silver tin. There are only two things I don't like about this: a) the tin can be insanely difficult to open especially if you have put any sort of cream on your hands, and 2) you have to use a finger to get the product out of the tin. Otherwise The Kiss Gloss is lush, moisturising and leaves a very pretty pink shimmer on my pout. It fits nicely into my pocket or handbag and is a great self-gift.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is Cool. The scent puts me in the mind of Creme Anglaise... one of my favourite lush products ever. Packed with argan oil, Brazil nut and almond oils as well as cocoa, shea and cupuaƧu butters to coat the skin and leave you well oiled. Take this into the shower or bath, massage over wet skin, and rinse off just as you would a hair conditioner. Once you are done rinsing you need to pat your skin dry as opposed to rubbing it, otherwise all the oils transfer to the towel.

But if you only get one thing... get the Tender Is The Night massage bar. Shea and murumuru  melt easily onto the skin to allow a smooth massage, they also help to lock in moisture. This is a grown-up scent, no sweetness here, just a heady blend of ylang ylang oil, Fair Trade vanilla absolute, and jasmine absolute that settle onto the skin and not a jot of shimmer. Told you: Grown up. €8.50 will get you a good 7 or 8 uses. wink wink.

Is there anything that is catching your fancy? Am I missing anything? Have you got any special plans for the day? I have no plans because I have no babysitter... but we will wait to see what the weekend brings :)

PR Samples Gratefully Received


  1. Replies
    1. Even if it is at the top range of my budget, it will win brownie points as its Gorgeous!

  2. Love the set!! The massage bar looks brilliant!

    alex @

    1. even if you only buy it to use as a body moisturiser, the massage bar is such a lovely indulgent treat!

  3. I really want to try the body conditioner!!

    1. It is lovely Chloe, a bit on the expensive side, but the results last a good few days even if the scent disappears very quickly

  4. I really wish I lived neared to a Lush Shop! :( I want everything!

    1. I pick up a few bits when ever I pop into Dublin (once every few months) or if I have a few pounds lurking in my bag after a grocery top up in Newry, Its a treat range for me!


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