Monday, 10 February 2014

Gone Nutty: The Body Shop Brazil Nut Stuff

I LUUURRVVVEEE CHOCOLATE. I adore it. I bake with it, I drink it, I eat it and now I bathe in it. Yes Sir. Thanks to The Body Shop and their Chocomania Range. BUT.. The Body Shop have DISCONTINUED the Chocomania range.... NOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOooooo! #sob

I was devastated when I learned this, especially as I was just about ready to repurchase my most favourite product, the Chocomania Body Scrub. This is the closest you will ever get to scrubbing your skin with a Death By Chocolate CupCake. It is rich and sweet and calorie free because you can't actually eat this but it is as good as rolling around in chocolate. I love this so much. The Body Shop: Please bring this back!

You can still get the Chocomania Shower Gel (its not as good as the scrub though) as part of the Valentines collection, The Body Shop  have a duo gift box in store containing Strawberry and Chocomania mini shower gels.

To console me and try to quell my grief, The Wonderful Peeps at The Body Shop sent me the next best thing : Brazil Nut Range. Well, not the whole range, but the Body Butter and the Body Mist. Its not as sinfully indulgent as their chocomania range, but it is still very, very yummy. Brazil Nut is more like the Gluten-Free version, a bit more restrained, but still yummy and tasty. My Valentine prefers the Brazil Nut Body Butter: he says its not as sweet.

The Body Shop Body Butters are well worth the little extra you need to spend to get the full sized tub. €18.95 will get you 200ml of product. This will make a great gift for a loved one. Smell is a powerful trigger for memories and what better why to get the "Giftee" thinking of the "Gifter".

This is another one of those products that seems bottomless, you need very little to do a decent job and it does a very decent job indeed. Intensely moisturising, this is best saved for after a bath or shower before settling down for the night. And you probably won't use this ultra rich balm everyday anyways, because unless you have really really really dry skin:  you won't need it.

The Brazil Nut Range doesn't smell as strong as the Chocomania range, but you do still get a lovely nuttiness that it quite yummy. A spritz a bit of the body mist (€11.95 for 100ml) onto my skin left me pleasantly surprised at the soft warm sweetness that wafts past my nose. Don't worry, you won't be left smelling like a peanut butter sandwich, or even a nut-butter sandwich. But there is something warm and slightly nutty about this... I do declare, I rather like this.

Brazil Nut isn't the rich, dark, sweet, seductive indulgence that Chocomania is, but it is the next best thing. I am mollified.

Sob... I'l miss you...

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  1. This sounds lovely I love all these BS ranges to be honest, if I was a millionaire I'd have an enormous stash of every scent!


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