Monday, 16 September 2013

Vichy Eau Thermal: So Cooling, Not So Hydrating

If you haven't heard of Vichy and their awesome Thermal Spa Water, then you have probably been living under a rock. The wee travel sizes are a hand luggage or car journey essential, especially when you have a small child with eczema.

Not only for eczema/psoriasis sufferers. Anytime you need to cool down and freshen up, a spritz of Eau Thermal is perfect. Containing rare minerals that occur naturally in the waters of the springs in Vichy, France, this incredibly fine and cooling mist is paraben free and hydrating and soothing.

The big 150g Tin is perfect for this time of year when skin is going a little bit wacky due to the weather. Its too warm for winter woolies yet, but its just nippy enough that you need something to cover up. And then while running around you get so hot & sweaty that you need something to cool down. Viola* baby... this is the biz!

The spray is so fine by the time it hits your skin it is cooling and soothing. Here's the thing though:  while this is supposed to be super hydrating, like lots of spa water sprays, my skin just feels like it is cooled but not fantastically hydrated. Having said that, Hannah loves this on her itchy skin. A light spritz cools her down and prevents the itches from coming back until she is asleep.

Vichy Eau Thermal 150g Tin costs around €10 and lasts for aaaaaages. My tin was a PR sample that I very gratefully received at the end of July 2013 and I am happy to report that the tin weighs just over 100g. Yes. I weighed it. And after multiple spritzes on a near daily basis, We have only used a third of a tin.

It doesn't exactly hydrate, but it does cool, and in the in-between season that we are in right now, it is great for doing just that: cooling.

You can find Vichy in all good Pharmacies and Boots stores.


  1. I love these thermal waters, use them every night to tone my skin!

  2. Really liking thermal waters too lately, will keep an eye out for this one. x

  3. I'm also a huge fan of thermal waters, have been since the heatwave - I love Vichy so I'll definitely purchase this if I see it x

  4. Interesting I have to try this for my psoriasis

    Shawn - Kangen Advocate -


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