Friday, 20 September 2013

AW13 Nails My Way: Berry Sparkle

Hello Autumn. I'm rather glad to see you. I may even be looking forward to Winter, but only because Summer was so good this year. A proper Summer. A summer of beers, bbq's, beaches & parks. Sigh. Its a pity its over.

Autumn brings all the rich colours: rich reds, pretty coppers, deep berries, smokey greys, creamy creams, sparkly sparkles. Some of my favourite colours. And cos I like to keep adding to my nail colour stash, I hit up my local Essence stand to see what they had to offer and I am quite chuffed with my purchases:

Essence 148 prom-berry (€1.79) is the deepest purple I have ever seen. A proper blackcurrant/ Blackberry colour, with a faint micro-shimmer running through the bottle that transfers faintly to the nail. This ladies, is a one coater. Yep, the formulation is sooo pigmented you only need a single coat which dries well within the 2 minute mark if you are in a hurry. But 2 coats makes it flipping awesome!

I LLLLLLUUUUUURRRRVVVVVE this. A whole bunch! (geddit geddit?!)

But then... then... I found this new little bottle on the stand....Sparkle Sand Effect! This one is 165 here's my number.

Essence Sparkle Sand Effect polishes are very much like the China Glaze Glitter polishes, except that essences version feels much much nicer. The particles in the Essence polish is finer, less rough and not as sharp as the China Glaze ones. But just as pretty and sparkley. And they cost the same as the polishes: €1.79. Perfect. Hard wearing & tip wear resistant, this is great on its own and beautiful as as accent. and I seem to think there are two other colours, but I will make sure.

I love this black-silver & purple combo though, dead easy to do: 2 coats of Prom-berry (although you only need one) and allow to dry. Then using the sand polish, turn the brush so you are using the skinny side and swipe from top left of the nail to bottom right. Fill in any gaps on the left of the nail and allow to dry. Done.

I have been wearing this combo for 4 days and I am just no starting to notice a bit of tip wear on my index finger, but only cos I am really looking.

I love prom-berry. I will go back for another bottle because I know that I am going to use this frequently over the next few months. And I am going to pair it with creamy woolly jumpers and deep berry stained lips.

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  1. I got this one today, there's a red and a peach too, they look gorgeous! Great to see a swatch, I'm not sorry I picked it up at all, great prices too! I have Prom Berry and I adore it, it's an amazing colour for Winter. Reminds me so much of my favourite polish as a teen! x


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