Friday, 13 September 2013

Black Tied: Beautiful Jewelry

I love Jewelery. I just wish that I would remember to wear it more often. But this very very pretty little piece popped up on my screen and it went straight to the top of my lust list. I could't just leave it there. And I certainly couldn't wait for my birthday... so I bought it.

Black Tied is a lovely little website (based in Limerick) that offers beautiful pieces of prettiness at a completely reasonable price.
£22 Rose Gold Swarovski Cuff
From £6 to £22 ( I do wish you could change the currency...) you could find something rather pretty in the small collection of rings, earrings, bracelets & necklaces.

£18 textured gold filled bar on a gold chain 
As I said I completely fell in love with this Oval Swarovski Crystal Pendant on a silver chain. I placed my order on a Wednesday Morning and it arrived on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday in the same week! Nicely wrapped in a purdy Leopard print envelope.

I changed out the silver chain for a gold one and I wore it to a wedding that very weekend, and I couldn't leave it alone.

I kept catching the rainbow reflecting off my pendant onto the walls around me. My own personal disco ball!

I think I was a little disappointed it was so small, I imagined it being bigger. But actually, its pretty much perfect. It doesn't hook on anything and it is very dainty. Its no statement, but dang, it sure is purdy.

I have worn this little crystal pendant every day since getting it. It feels warm as soon as I put it on. It looks elegant. If I change the chain it suits any outfit. Even a sruccfy old T-shirt and jeans.

I love the website, it loads quickly, is easy to navigate, uncluttered and elegant. The products are described very well and the pictures are clear. They ship worldwide for a flat rate of £2.99 and if you spend more than £25 you can avail of free shipping.

£15 Silver Sideways wishbone bracelet

Disclosure: I was offered a once off 20% discount in exchange for my review, which is completely honest. I actually can't fault their service. Super quick delivery and well packaged items, and great correspondence.


  1. Thanks for this, always great to hear of another reasonably priced online jewellery place, lovely for presents. The necklace is so pretty and god dammit woman, you look AMAZING. Hair envy <3

  2. Oh that is so so pretty!! I love the oval necklace you picked and the wishbone bracelet is adorable! I want all of the things!! Also I'm seconding the total hair envy!!!


    Inanity and the Girl

  3. The necklace is really pretty and you look amazing. I'm thirding (what, it's a thing :))the hair envy!

  4. You're hair looks amazing! Beautiful photo x


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