Monday, 5 August 2013

Foot Miracle... its a Go-er!

I have found the most awesome foot cream. Made by the same people that make Mane 'n Tail, Foot Miracle Therapeutic Cream is Da Bomb.

It is a bit pricey at €12.95 for 170g, but I recon this stuff is worth every penny. And there is no petroleum/mineral oil in this, which is something most foot creams contain.

It has a lovely powdery scent and the powdery-ness is evident once you put this on your feet. The cream absorbs super fast and leaves the skin on your trotters feeling moisturised, but not slippy. Almost like you have dusted your feet with a bit of powder before putting your socks on.

I am loving using this after using my husbands Micro-Pedi Man, my feet feel really really good. The smell, the feel of the cream, the way it makes my feet feel. I have to hide this from himself, because otherwise this will disappear very quickly. Dave is using this on all his dry skinned bits (hands knees feet and elbows), and even though he only needs a little bit... he is dispensing a large amount and then having to find places to put it.

Foot Miracle Therapeutic Cream is a winner and I can't see us being without it now.

My bottle was a PR Sample (most gratefully received) but you can get yours in good pharmacies!

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