Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Day Creams

As you know, I am trying to get rid of my pigmentation marks on my face, and so I am using at least SPF15 on my face every single day. I have a selection of creams that I choose from, depending on how sunny it is or how dry/oily my skin is feeling.

For my dry skin days I use Aveeno's Positively Radiant Daily Skin-Brightening Moisturiser SPF15. This is a very thick, very creamy cream, that takes a bit of time to sink in and keeps skin moisturised all day. Damage here is €13.50 for 50mls, which is pretty good. It smells lovely and light as well, faintly oaty. I like it

 It does have the tendency to ball-up and go greasy if you work it too much, so put this on, give it a  quick smoothing and leave it. I do like that just a single pump is enough to do my face and neck and the pump is hygienic. I am not sure if I would repurchase though as its not great at helping the auld foundation stick around... It might be better for properly dry skinned gals though.

Avéne Hydrance Optimal UV Light  is next and this has an SPF of 20 and of course contains the wonderful thermal waters of Frrraahhhnce. Light, easily absorbed and deeply nourishing, this has been lovely to use during the "heatwave" Ireland has been having. It smells and feels incredibly light and refreshing and is lovely to use.

This specific tube was a press sample, but I will repurchase this, as even on my super dry cheeks this did a superb job of moisturising while keeping the oily bits from oil-spilling all over the place. €25 for 40mls makes it a bit more pricy than the Aveeno, but it is worth it for the fact that your foundation doesn't slide off your face after 2 hours.

Elave Daily Skin Defence SPF45 is the thickest of the lot, with the highest SPF rating. I won this from Sarah at and while this also has the tendency to ball-up, it is only if you use too much of the product. This 50ml tube with a fliptop lid (no faffing with this baby) retails at around €25.

It does give a bit of a white cast to the face immediately after applying, but wait for 6 or 7 minutes and its is gone, the cream is absorbed, and you are ready for make-up. The only problem I had with this is that after a few hours I felt like my skin way becoming a bit oily over my t-zone, nothing that a light powdering couldn't fix though. I do like this because it offers the highest, broad spectrum protection.

Lastly, this is something you can only get in South Africa. Justine Tissue Oil Skin Repair Face Cream SPF 20. I am super lucky to have a bestie (Hey Trace! I miss you!) who works for this company and she often sends me bits and pieces that she knows I will like. And I like this A lot. A Lot A Lot.

It is very light and absorbed very quickly. It smells divine and contains a blend of oils that aid skin repair (that is the Tissue Oil part). Make-up applies like a dream after moisturising and its not heavy or clogging. I find that this is fantastic to re-apply when I want to top up on my SPF during the day without disturbing my make-up too much as it blends in and adds a bit of dewiness. This is just too light for the winter months though, so I keep it for summer and lash it on many times during the day to seriously boost moisture on my Face-paint free days.

So far, these are working for me. On days where I know I am going to be spending time in direct sunlight, I put on factor 45 SPF and I use a wide brimmed hat.

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