Friday, 2 August 2013

Surya Brasil Henna Powder : A Review

So I told you about a new range Surya Brasil, this post is all about the Neutral Henna Powder. Its a treatment to restore shine, treat any damage and nourish the scalp.

Available in 8 colours and a neutral (non colouring) version, you get the powder, gloves, showercap and instructions in the box. Instructions are very detailed and easy to read / follow.

Surya Brasil Henna Powder is totally natural, so you shouldn't get any reactions to this.

A Box of Henna Powder will set you back €8.04, but the treatment sticks around doing its job for up to 30 washes. That is 2 - 3 months if you wash your hair every 2nd or 3rd day!

Anyways... Instructions say to wash your hair before using the treatment, but not to condition, then towel dry the hair and get to treating!

I only used half the powder, and I meant to half the water, but I inadvertently used the full amount of water (half a cup). But it wasn't a bad thing, because as soon as I started applying the green goop, my hair sucked it right up and I started worrying I wasn't going to have enough... but I worked carefully and got it all in with a little mess. It smells very very herbal. You can smell the leaves and the plants and the goodness in the goop.

This lovely herby green goo can be very messy, but I was supremely careful and only messed a little during aplication and got the cap on quickly and to really heat things up I popped a towel on over it (also to catch any green drips) and sat down to watch and hour of TV.

My hair really sucked this up. And when time came to rinse I was left with green hair with funny blobs of powder that had dried out a bit. Ideally I should have rinsed this out in the shower, but as I had already had a shower I elected to do the "Bend-over-the-bath Rinse". Dave took some photos while I was rinsing so that you could see.

It took me a good 6 - 8 minutes of rinsing to get the water to run completely clear. My arms were sore, my back ached and I still had to pop a bit of conditioner in as I could feel my hair was a bit dry. But I literally just swept the conditioner through my hair and rinsed it immediately. hmmm.... I was dubious... my hair felt extremely thick, almost gritty and it smelled like a spice shop in Durban, but I towel dried it, popped it into a bun and went about my business.

Bathroom clean up was a breeze. The green washed off the shower and sink really easily and my towel that was catching drips came out good as new.

That night when I took the bun out it was a bit touch and go, I was almost ready to re-shampoo and condition my hair, but I was tired and I had a head ache and I decided to do it in the morning. Just as well that I waited, because I woke up the next morning and my hair felt amazing. Super Silky and soft, but massively voluminous. And the smell was gone! This is a delayed gratification treatment. You just need to give it a chance!
After the treatment, my hair feels soft and silky, without even straightening or blow-drying it!

Even though this is messy, I like it. Its going to take some getting used to, but I do like this. And I think Oily Haired gals are going to LOVE this.

I am going to use the colour that was given to me as well, so keep peelers pelt for that review, I haven't used a colour on my hair in about a year, so it should be interesting to see how it goes....

Surya Brasil Henna Powders can be purchased online from, along with a whole host of products that are good for you!

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  1. Henna is such a wonderful way to add color and treat your hair. The various tones of color you're able to achieve is really unique, especially when you play with mixing different colors together. It's always a good idea to wear gloves when you're dying your hair with henna.


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