Monday, 13 May 2013

Mint Macaroon all the way from NYC...

Okay... so its not ALLLL the way from the actual New Your City exactly... But it is so awesome it may as well be. This beautiful shiny pastel minty green is called Mint Macaroon and its from that awesome budget brand NYC (or New York Colour).

Just to remind you, this little bottle of Mint Macaroon costs just €1.99, and I got it in my local Penneys (which is woefully understocked and extremely poorly looked after), and I was lucky enough to nab the last bottle of this beauty.

You could get away with one thick coat, but then its not going to take about 7 minutes to dry. Better to go with two skinny coats and your total application time is 3 minutes (including the dry time between coat 1 & 2). Its beautiful and shiny and opaque and refreshingly summery to look at. And... and... and it matches my new pastel mint jeans...

I got my first wee chip after 3 days... so out came my Essence Tip Painter, my tin foil and my doting tool

and I got busy:

Easy Peasy: a lovely new look to hide the wee chip, and the new nails lasted a week!

 Another summer trend that NYC has nailed (tee hee)... all for €1.99!


  1. The dots are very cute over it!

  2. Lovely shade of mint and its so cute with the dots!

  3. Ahhh the dots are brilliant! That's a gorgeous shade, so pretty.

  4. Very cute - love the shade and the dots in partic!


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