Friday, 10 May 2013

NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara: its Awesome!

Look! Just look! Seriously... look at my lashes:
er.... that is supposed to read clumpless.... 
Defined, curled, long, extremely black eyelashes. Aren't they lovely? Would you believe that these beauties could cost you a measly €3.49?And that Budget Super Brand NYC makes the mascara that did this to them... Meet NYC BIG Bold Curl Mascara in Black.

Oh and look how pretty the packaging is! Turquoise and Metallic Pink is so hawt right now...

And as far as the wand... bigger is better... oh oh oh so much better. And this wand is Ha-yooje!

Just look at it next to my peter pointer (index finger). It is massive,  for mascara newbies... this may seem daunting and you will probably poke yourself in the eye. Fret not... it gets easier once you get the hang of it and you will be pleased to know its Dermatologially and Opthalmologically tested. And this contact lens wearer can attest it is perfectly awesome to use.

I have been using this for about 5 weeks now, it is a very wet formulation when you first open it, so open it and leave it for about a week so that the formulation can mature... and then it is just perfect.

This is no mascara on the left and one coat of Big Bold Curl on the right...

Longevity is great, it lasts a good 8 hours with no flaking. But shield your eyes if you are caught in a rainstorm because this will run like Mo Farrah if it gets wet. So don't wear this when there is a chance of tears... or in the vicinity of pools...

But seriously, €3.49 for this little gem is a bargain. Especially when it does such wonderful things to your lashes. Find it on NYC Stands in Penneys stores and in pharmacies...


  1. I've had this in my drawer for ages but haven't tried it! Must really take it out :)

    1. Do it Mar... it takes a few tries to avoid getting it on your eyelid, but it is seriously good on the lashes!

  2. Love that one! I get it everywhere! I'm obsessed with the pink NYC perfect curl at the mo too!


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