Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream: not just for Pregnant ladies

Just to clarify (before my other half has a heart attack) I am not pregnant. I am losing weight slowly though and so I do have stretch marks. It is too late for me to prevent my silvery stretch marks, but its never too late to condition the skin, and this is where this lovely tube of Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream comes in...

A handy 150ml tube contains a range of ingredients to condition and strengthen collagen levels in the skin the most interesting being Centella Asiatica. Also Provitamin B5 and glycerin are included to promote suppleness and Pure Olive Oil supports the skins barrier. All great ingredients. Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream is also Hypoallergenic, Preservative free, colour free and dermatologically tested.

Bepanthen recommends that you massage into breasts, belly, hips and bums during the pregnancy and after delivery to help skin return to its pre-pregnancy condition.

I trialed this for a week and I loved it. Even though I am not pregnant, I loved the smell and the feel of the cream. The pump does take some muscle to extract the cream, but the fact that it sinks in so quickly and doesn't feel remotely sticky or greasy more than makes up for the difficult pump.

As this as a sample sent to me for review, I am not entirely sure about the cost, but as a long time user of Bepanthens Nappy cream, I am sure it shouldn't cost the earth...

I have passed this on for proper testing to a friend of mine so I will be reporting back in a few months (with the price)... I will also buy another tube for her when this one runs out so that we can give this a good test.

I will probably get a tube of this for me too... it is fabulous on my arms, legs and belly...


  1. Does it work on stretch marks ? Since losing weight my arms are bad!!

    1. It does, but only new, red ones... of they are silvery or white its too late!

  2. Oooh haven't heard of this before, the nappy rash cream is great though. Look forward to see how you get on with this I still have red stretch marks 2 years after I got them?!?! x

  3. There are a number of misconceptions and myths when it comes to both the onset and removal of stretch marks. One myth would be the notion that only invasive surgical procedures can remove stretch marks. Thanks for sharing such helpful reviews.


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