Friday, 3 May 2013

1..2....3... Green & Yellow with NYC

Green is not my favourite colour, BUT.... I am willing to try new things, so I gave NYC In A New York Minute Nail Polish in High Line Green a go. And I fell a little bit in love with it...

NYC 298 High Line Green

High Line Green is a strange one, in some lights it looks a bit matte, in others the shine is blinding. The colour is very good. You could get away with one thick coat, but then you need to sit quietly for about 3 minutes. Two thin coats are dry within 2 minutes and totally opaque.

I like this Green... I am properly green fingered now!

Lexington Yellow is the same, 2 Thin coats dry in 2 minutes and nicely opaque. I can't wear this one on its own, as my colouring is all wrong and it looks like I have smokers nails.

NYC Lexington Yellow... very pretty!

However, I can wear the yellow if I am doing nail art. And this was some super simple stuff I did one afternoon... it took me all of 6 minutes to do and with my trusty Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat it looks super swish...

Very Swish Nail art... and it is super simple!

I already had my nails painted green, so I used a straight manicure guide and stuck it onto my nail diagonally. Then I painted one half with 2 coats of Lexington Yellow and carefully peeled off the mani-guide and allowed to dry for a minute before topping with my topcoat to even out the polish line.

Easy as place the mani guide, paint & wait & paint & remove.... tah dah!

NYC is seriously doing great things within super strict budgets, The nail varnishes range between €1.59 and €1.99. Which is less than my beloved Catrice...

New Budget Favourites

NYC Stands (in Penneys and Pharmacies) are totally worth checking out if you already haven't...


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