Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Nails part 2: Subtle Vintage for Siún

If you get 5 minutes, go and check out the gorgeous blog Atelier de Vivre by the equally elegant Siún. Filled with beautiful fashion bits, wedding ideas and useful reviews, I am always happy to click through to her blog and loose myself browsing the lovely photography.

This manicure makes me think of her. It is subtle and pretty and has a bit of a vintage-y vibe. Its elegant and easy, and looks pretty good on the end of my fingers.

I used a single coat of Catrice Ultimate Nudes 060 Mona Lisa Is Staring Back, one of my most favourite nudes. I wanted the moon of my nail to be faint and almost invisible.

When I first took NYC In A New York Colour Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish 002 Full Metal Jacket out of the bag, I thought it was a cool greeny-silver metallic polish. And then I moved it through the light and a warm vintage gold colour emerged. It is beautiful. Gorgeous on its own.

 I blobbed a bit of this onto a bit of foil, and used an old paint brush to wash the colour thinly over 2thirds of my nail bed. I built the colour up a bit towards the tip of my nail.

Then for a bit of Christmas sparkle I hauled out Essence Colour and Go 67 Make It Golden and also just painted it over the tips of the nail.

Finished everything off with my favourite quick dry top coat, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, to make sure that it is all smooth and flat.

The ring belonged to my Grandmother. It is her signet ring that she received when she turned 18. My Mom brought it for me when she came to visit and I can't believe how perfectly it fits on my finger.


  1. Realised you weren't on my Bloglovin feed so I've been missing your posts! Love this, that ring is incredible and lovely that it has such meaning too!

  2. thanks for sharing.


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