Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lady Gaga Fame... Surprisingly Lovely

Lady Gaga isn't somebody that massively impresses me, or makes me take a 2nd look, but this very sleek black and gold packaging had me intrigued when it arrived. And I was surprised to realise that this elegant packaging was from the Mother of Monsters and Meat Dresses. Lady Gaga Fame is actually "Rather Nice" and "Right Up My Alley".

Lady Gaga Fame Soap, Shower gel and Body Lotion

It is dark and fruity but inherently sensual and soft. I am rubbish at describing scents, I know what I like and what gives me a head ache. Fame ticks the first box, and I really, really like it. So much so, that I have started looking for the Perfume to add to this collection (as a treat for my birthday). 

Out of their boxes, looking luxe

The shower gel is black, but it lathers up into lovely heady perfumed suds that make me feel a little bit naughty. I love the way it smells. And the decadent black and gold packaging (even though it is plastic) feels and looks expensive and dark and seductive in my shower. grrrrrr....

Black shower gel that makes creamy white bubbles

I don't use solid soap. But the shape and the smell of this is too good to waste, so I have put it in with my underwear, so that the smell can transfer to my "unmentionables". 

Everything about this range is Black. The Shower gel, the Body lotion, the Soap, all black. But thankfully the body lotion rubs in without leaving a dark residue behind (yeah, I have no idea how they got that right, but it works). It moisturises nicely while adding to the layering of the scent you get on your skin while in the shower.

Before you rub the lotion in...
After you rub the lotion in... and you smell YUMMY

I am quite fussy about scents I wear, my olfactory senses are super sensitive, and things that are too strong, too sweet or too flowery tend to lead down the migraine path, so I am generally quite careful about scents I wear. Happily, this is perfect for me and himself likes the way it smells as well (although he was rather dubious about rubbing black body lotion into my back for me...). I like that it lasts most of the day (around 5hrs before I stop smelling it, so perfect for a night out).

Available in all good pharmacies as well as Arnotts and Debenhams. The Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Soap have an RRP of €18.95 each.

**PR Sample gratefully received 


  1. Love the smell of these going to get the perfume now!

  2. I really loved the smell of it too actually!


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