Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Nails part 1: For Katie

I love red nail varnish. I think it is the epitome of vintage class, so very grown up and a sign of Maturity. Not AGE, mind you, just maturity.

I don't really wear red nail varnish. But I figured that I needed to get into it for the Season that we are in. And I can't think of Red Polish without a picture of Katie ( )  popping up in my minds eye...

So this is my first Christmas Manicure, dedicated to the gorgeous Katie :

I used 2 coats of NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in 131 Chelsea Cherry, a bright pinky red....

and then for a bit of understated sparkle, I used Essence Colour and Go in  91 Glamorous Life, a very pretty cerise polish flecked with red and pink mini glitter.

I am really getting into the spirit this year, and I am feeling good about it...


  1. Beautiful, ill be breaking out the reds soon, love that pic of the Katester

  2. I love you, this is the sweetest post ever! And am LOVING the red!

  3. Gorgeous nails and gorgeous idea for a post x


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