Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Blast this Logger-headed, motley-minded, Pigeon-egged writes block

I am struggling. I am struggling to get the words that are speeding around my head at 3am, out of my head and onto my laptop and then onto the blog.

Me, who can ramble on about the most pointless subjects in this universe, am stuck for words. Stumped. Mute.

So..... well..... here we are....... er.... come here often?

Anyways. To break from the usual, I am going to tell you about my Friend. My Oldest Friend. The one that I have known the longest (since Std 3... 1990ish... so add 3, carry the 2, fold in the flour, oh around  22years). She is not my shortest friend, She is my most stylish and my most calm, even in times of massive personal turmoil, Trace keeps it together like no person I know.

I was fortunate enough to have her visit me, in my adoptive country. She made a plan to get over from the UK (where she was on a business trip) and come over the the Wee County for a weekend. And we shopped. Oh how we shopped!

We talk on Facebook, text or email each other almost everyday, but its still so much better to actually have her here, sitting drinking a cup of coffee, gossiping away.

I loved having her here. I died a bit when I had to drop her back at the airport. And I am only just recovering. So here are some pics of our weekend...

The Swans came right up the river just for us:

Tracy, caught in the middle of a funny story

A dejected Liam waiting for us to catch up

King Johns Castle, Carlingford

The king of the Castle?

Sneaky Guinness in Taaffes Pub, Carlingford


Serious drinker....

 Climbing around the Castle, Carlingford

Looking for the ATM, Carlingford Mint

I loved having here here, getting her style advice and shopping with her. I can't wait to see her again.


  1. Gorgeous post. I have recently "fallen back" on a few posts that I thought were "cheats" when I was tired or running out of time (for more serious ones) or inspiration... and you know what, sometimes they're the ones that are the nicest, they give a glimpse into the Person Behind the Blog. Actually loved this.

  2. Speaking as this Trace... I feel very special. Thank you my bestie. I absolutely loved my little visit. and i loved spending time with the person who teaches me most in this world. Love you millions!


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