Monday, 22 October 2012

Mani(c) Monday - Catrice and Essence Blue Flake

This weekend was a tough one for our house. The kids came down with a virus/bug that has been doing the rounds at the school and trying to get the bedding and towels washed (and the carpet) took up nearly all of my weekend. Say nothing of all the sleepless nights, back rubbing and consoling.

So today's post is a mani that I managed to throw on very quickly.

I used a base coat of my usual OPI Nail Envy, then a Single coat of Essence Nail Colour3 Midnight Date. A lovely navy blue shot through with microshimmer.

And then one single coat of Catrice Millions Styles Effect Top Coat C04 Shake it! Flake it!

I LOVE the Top coat. It brings a "lil' somethin' somethin" to any dark manicure. The flakes are reddy gold in one light, and Greeny silver in another. And if you hold it just right you can see the rainbow on your nails.

This combo has lasted pretty well, although its day 4 of this mani and after all the scrubbing and cleaning its starting to look a little worn, but its very faint wear just at the tips.

Over all not bad for two polishes that cost just under €6 for both...


  1. These are smashing nails. A coat of that style effect really add up a bling on your nails. Looks great to party with those!

    1. Thank you!!! I love the Catrice Polishes, they really are fantastic and such good value.


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