Monday, 29 October 2012

Mani(c) Monday: Easy Peasy Halloween Nails with Essence and NYC

Halloween is upon us and most parents are probably sorted for candy and costumes for the little ones. But dressing up is fun, so why shouldn't the adults get in on the action too? I don't have a costume for myself (I will probably just use an old sheet and cut some holes into it for eyes - boo!), but I always try to do something fun with my nails. I used bits that I already own and did something quick and super simple.

Halloween Nails: I lost an eyeball!!!!!!!!

You need:
-some foil
-dotting tool/ toothpick/ bobby pin/ flat-head pin

Pro dotting tool & Cheap dotting tool

-fine brush/ tip painter

Essence tip painter

-Black Nail varnish (I used NYC 119 City Blackout €1.99)
-White nail varnish (I used an essence tip painter €1.99)

-a bit of quiet time (put kids to bed!!!)

Start by painting nails black. I used 2 coats to ensure an opaque base.

To make the eyes:

Drip some white paint onto your foil and dip your chosen dotting tool into the paint and dot white dots in pairs onto nails. Try not to put the pairs too close together (like I did, sigh) and allow to dry
Then drip some black polish onto your foil, dip your dotting tool into the black and position smaller dots in the center of the white dots. Allow to dry and top with a top coat to protect the dots.
I didn't use a top coat and whilst I was washing the kids hair, I managed to loose an eye :(

To do the stitches:

Using a fine brush dipped into white nail varnish, draw a line across your nail, either in a curved line or a straight line. Allow to dry slightly.
Then draw shorter,finer lines perpendicular to the first line. Allow to dry and seal with a top coat.

Super easy. Super quick.


  1. Excellent! Especially the googly eyes!!

    1. Thank you Katherine!!! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


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