Thursday, 2 August 2012

Voya... the one I am not entirely sure about...

This lovely looking box arrived in the post and it arrived just in time for the lovely hot weather Ireland was getting. What's more, it came from a Proudly Irish Company (Sligo to be exact), who use local Irish ingredients!

fancy Voya Ritzy Spritzy Anti Ageing Toner

Voya Ritzy Spritzy (RRP €26.00 for 125ml) is lovely to use during the day to cool oneself off and the scent is surprisingly refreshing for something that contains seaweed.

A good sized bottle, plastic so it won't break

Organic essential oils of vanilla, ginger, green tea, hibiscus, chamomile, calendula and marigold, along with Voya's wonderful seaweed extracts, Ritzy Spritzy smells beautiful and is packed with minerals, vitamins, trace elements and alginates that work together to boost moisture levels and uplift senses.

This is Voya's anti-ageing toner and I have been using it for around a month now, but not really as a toner (ie. after I cleanse) as after the first week like a toner, I just felt like I wasn't getting on with it. It does contain alcohol this is why I think I found it a bit drying to use directly on my newly cleansed skin, as I would spray 3 pumps onto a cotton pad and sweep it over my skin.

Having said that, I actually find that it works nicely to set my make up and to refresh it during the day. I don't know if the act of actually spraying it into the air and letting it settle onto the skin allows the alcohol to evaporate before it then hits the skin, but I am finding it not as drying when I use it like this.

The only thing that I don't understand, is that if you use this as a toner, and spray it onto your face (as they recommend) then how are you supposed to avoid the eye area (as they recommend)??? The only way I can figure this is that you spritz it into your hands and then pat onto your skin, avoiding the eyes,  but then it loses its cooling effect...

2 pumps into my hand... smells so refreshing

It is suitable for the most sensitive of skin, I have used it on both of my kids as an afternoon cool-down (to cool down skins and tempers) and it works well to calm all of us down (we seem to be a very fiery bunch after 4 weeks of living in each others faces), in fact its turned into a bit of an afternoon treat for us, especially after spending the whole day running around madly or riding our bikes (yeah I don't actually do those things, I just watch).

I must be honest though and say that I don't think I would replace this, I can't say that it's made a difference on my face and I find that the thermal water sprays suit my skin a bit better and come in a bit cheaper too. But Voya Ritzy Spritzy would make a lovely treat to take with on sunny holidays, cos if its kept in the fridge it really is a lovely refreshing little treat for hot sweaty faces.

You can buy Voya Online from their store, or you can find a stockist near you by emailing Voya on

PR Sample that is gratefully received

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