Friday, 3 August 2012

Optimal Hydration with Avéne...

My skin on my face has been behaving very badly of late. I am not sure if it really is just my hormones kicking up, or if I am reacting to something in my skin care routine, the skin around my jaw line is bumpy and congested and spots that do come to the surface are painful, take ages to heal and leave massive marks behind. Lets just say that a Blind person could probably read a Horror story on my face. Its not pretty. So to try to bring some balance back, I have pared back my routine quite drastically.

I have already changed my cleanser to one suited to acne prone skin, also an Avéne one: Cleanance, and I am quite liking it. Its gentle and its not stripping my skin.

I was offered the opportunity to try Avéne Hydrance Optimale, a day cream which comes in two variants: Light and Rich. I went with the Light variant.

Eau Thermal Avéne Hydrance Optimal UV Light

Avéne Hydrance Optimale UV Light Cream provides a good SPF20 as well as UV Filters, anti-oxidants and Avéne's fantastic Thermal Spring Water.

40ml tube that comes with a foil seal. So its fresh!

This is an odd one for me. Its a lovely light formulation, but it doesn't glide onto skin like most moisturisers do. I basically spread a 10c (euro cents) sized blob between my fingers and then pat it onto my face and press it into my skin. This works for me, cos then I am not pulling and faffing at my skin.

It is very light, absorbs super quickly (hence pressing it into my skin), and controls shine for a good 6hrs. My foundation (when I wear any, I am trying to give my skin a break) sits really nicely on my skin, it doesn't slip around and still looks pretty good come dinner time (6pm in my house). The skin on my cheeks feels hydrated without feeling oily, and my forehead looks fantastic.

But this isn't for me at the moment. Its got nothing in it to help heal my spots and nothing in to to really help underlying bumps. So its going into my stash of lotion to use when my skin calms down. Because I really like the way it makes my forehead feel and I hope that when my skin is sorted that it will make the rest of my skin feel good too.

You can get Avéne Hydrance Optimal Light and Rich for €24.90 per 40ml tube, from Avéne stockists (see this post at the bottom of the page).

PR sample gratefully received 


  1. I love Avene products there gel cleanser is great.. you will love it when you get round to using it x

    1. I am liking the gel cleanser, I just wish my skin would settle down already!

  2. I love Avene, I had samples once and ended up buying the full-sized version of their cleanser, I can't praise their range highly enough.

    1. Which cleanser did you get Sharon? Was it the Cleanance one? Cos that is what I am using at the moment and I am really liking it!


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