Monday, 11 June 2012

Mani(c) Monday... more Essence... again

I love Lilac. I love the colour. I like the word Lilac, I love the way you have to move your mouth and tongue to say it. Lie- lack. Lah-Lahk. Lilac. And essence captures the colour of my favourite word exactly.

€1.29 will buy you this 5ml bottle of 86 A Lovely Secret. I gave one of these away in my first give-away (won by the newly engaged Dawnie P) and it is one of my personal favourite lilac shades.

A Lovely Secret is a beautiful blue-based purple creme, with a sprinkle of pink micro-shimmer that you only notice when you hold the bottle in a certain way. You will see it on your nails in the sunlight. Something else you will see, is microscopic blue, white and purple specks. I have no idea what they are, but they add another dimension to this polish. I love it.

And it applies like a dream. You can do one thickish coat and get full coverage, but then you are pretty much helpless until it dries completely. Or you can do 2 thinner coats that dry almost instantaneously. The formulation of this is perfect. Its not too runny or too thick and spreads nicely over the nail with no streaking.

I painted these after a bottle of wine. So I went over my cuticles a bit. But even with wonky application techniques (I was also watching Graham Norton, 2 Broke Girls, The Office), it still looks well. And I cleaned it up using a cotton tip dipped into acetone.

 I really really like this colour. It reminds me of Agapanthus, which is one of my favourite flowers (they grow wildly in SA). A Lovely Secret is my perfect summer shade. It's lady like and quirky at the same time, and it makes me smile and think of home when I see it at the tips of my fingers.

 I might just pick up a few bottles of Essence Colour & Go, 86 A Lovely Secret, as back-ups. For €1.29, I can afford to.

 Happy Monday!


  1. Soooo pretty! I think thats my next nail choice!



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