Friday, 8 June 2012

Essence-tial Eyeshadows

€1.99 is the princely sum you would have to part with to procure one these fine shadows, so it would be rude not to pick up more than one...

Top l-r: 11 Wild at heart, 42 Mystic Purple
Bottom l-r: 22 Blockbuster, 19 Disco Diva
I recently picked up these 4, blue-purple-neutral shades, total cost €7.96.  I have been on a bit of a blues bender lately and my collection is a bit lacking in those colours. These fit the bill nicely and they didn't break the bank.

11 Wild At Heart is a metallic navy in the pan but when swatched, it is more purple than blue, and its my favourite of the bunch. It is a good metallic, but the colour needs to be built up in layers to get the effect.

 It can be a bit powdery, so watch for fall out. But its so pretty its worth the care...

l-r lightly swatched, heavily swatched.

 19 Disco Diva is also a metallic effect, and its a pain to get out of the pan. You almost have to scrape it out. But when you do, its so pretty. Screaming Disco Diva Purple straight out of the 80's.

 Not much of a metallic effect, but the colour more than makes up for the lack of effect

lightly swatched

22 BlockBuster is a matte neutral yellow-based nude. A god staple for any collection. Blockbuster is a really lovely, creamy, well pigmented colour,

 This is one pass over the pan, I am impressed. I like the pattern pressed into the shadow too:

Lastly: 42 Mystic Purple is a bit of a conundrum. Supposedly a holographic effect, there is nothing purple or holographic about this.

Its more of a metallic silvery-white. Even with a tendency to fallout, it is a pretty shade to use as a highlight under the brows or the inner corner of the eye.

lightly swatched

It really shines when you work at it and build up the colour.

heavily swatched

And all together, left to right: Wild at heart, Disco Diva, Blockbuster, Mystic purple

Worth the €1.99 price? I think so, considering you get 2.5g of product in the pan, this budget busting brand is really ticking al my boxes.


  1. I love the essence eyeshadows i have a gorgeous shimmerry bronzy one

    1. I have stopped buying bronzy shades as I realised they don't really suit me, But I still like them!

  2. The Essence shadows are the best. I've invested in the 'party all night' and 'starlight' shades - a gold and a silver, for the glam effect.

    1. Are you getting essence in SA? Awesome! the Catrice stands in dischem are great too!

  3. I love Essence shadows too, such great value!

    1. They really are, especially on a limited budget!


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