Tuesday, 22 May 2012

a little bit star struck at TBS: Beauty with Heart Event

Pretty New Body Butters

I was invited to The Body Shop in Grafton Street (Dublin) last week to the launch of their Beauty With Heart campaign, I know the blogger world in Ireland is a-buzz with this launch, so I won't go on about it too much, except to say that Elaine and the girls (and boys) involved did a fab job, and I really enjoyed myself!

Body Butter and Beautifying Oils

I finally got to meet fellow bloggers, and have a really good look inside a shop I haven't been into in a while.
Normally what happens is: I realise that I am out of my favourite body spray (neroli and jasmine).
So I make sure that I have enough cash for said item when we are going anywhere near one of The Body Shop stores.
Then I announce, when we are near to the store, that I need to pop in for something and my husband heaves a sigh of epic proportions, and I promise that I will not linger (the last time I lingered he left).
I leave my husband and kids waiting outside the door (my kids are at the "I MUST pick everything up and smell/taste/feel/stick my fingers in/break it stage), RUN into the store, pick up the item I want and sprint to the paypoint, pay and sprint out of the shop while Himself is standing outside tutting and checking his watch.

Coconut Beautifying Oil for use on body face and hair

So this time I got to browse. To stop and smell the proverbial flowers, in their various forms of creams, oils, lotions and potions! Bliss, I tell you... BLISS!!!! The packaging has been revamped and the labelling has been updated to something that is simple and understated, but still fresh and pretty. The body butter tubs specifically feel different, a bit more "grippy". And the body sprays are in lovely heavy glass bottles.

Scrummy Body Sprays

I got to do a bit of celeb spotting too! Most of my Favourite Bloggers were there and, honestly, I felt a bit start-struck. But I mustered up some courage and said "Hello" to some of the bloggers I recognised. Others I just watched out of the corner of my eye, but in my head I was going "SQUEEE!!!! I am in the same room as XYZ" (don't want to make ya'll jealous or big-headed)...

Lily Cole's Make Up Range for TBS

After being treated to Champers, Juice, Water and some fab pastries, fruits and sweeties, we were talked through a pretty look using the new limited edition range of make-up, which is 100% cruelty free and which Lily Cole had a hand in. Its gorgeous stuff altogether and I deffo need to get my hands on the shimmer cubes... the Purple One is first on the list.

a sneaky pap-pic of the photog

I was so excited to get to actually chatting to Paula from Random Ramblings and Musings, who took the time to actually walk me back to my bus (it was my first time in Dublin on my own... I know, I am such a baby), we were talking about all kinds of things and I can't wait to catch up with her again. Thanks Paula!

image via www.facebook.com/TheBodyShopIreland

The Body Shop were kind enough to send all of us home with the most gorgeous cotton bag containing a few goodies, one of which knocked me off my feet with the memories it raised... I am totally in love with their Moringa range, I need more of it. As soon as I get paid.

You can see more of the Make up (with prices/swatches) on THIS post over on Beaut.ie. My own reviews on the products will be up during the week. It wasn't that long ago when I fell a little bit out of love with The Body Shop, but they have re-ignited my interest, and I am really liking what I saw at the launch.

They have a LOAD of specials on at the moment. Pop into your nearest store and go have a look see...


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time! I'm raging I missed it but looking forward to the next one :)

    1. Hopefully I can make the next one too Karen! Hope you had a good hols...

  2. Lovely to have met you .. My fella hates to shop he stands at the door and looks like security guard

  3. Aw bless you're such a cutie - you've as much right to be there as the rest of them! ;) Wish I wasn't so far away (was meant to be there) and would have been great to meet you.

    Nic x

    1. Ah, thanks Nic, Can't wait to meet you in person!!!

  4. Lovely to meet you, looking forward for the next one :) xxx

    1. You lipstick was so Pretty, Mrs! Was awesome to meet You too!

  5. Darn girl, gutted I didn't see you, would have been lovely to say 'hi' :(...fingers crossed for next time though! xx

    1. You were chatting up Emma and Sue I think and I didn't want to disturb you... next time I will though!

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