Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Limited Ladybird Lily...

So, the beauty world is awash with images of the beautiful Lily Cole, who is the new Brand Ambassador for The Body Shop. Their first ever actual Celeb Face. And its a very Refreshing one.

And I was fortunate enough to attend the Launch of the products (which includes 7 products, all 100% vegetarian and cruelty free, Kudos) that she had a hand in creating and even more fortunate to be gifted 2 of the products from this Limited edition line and two Gorgeous body products :

First up is the Pearl Radiance Primer. RRP: €20 for 20mls of product in a pretty, handy, pump-topped plastic bottle.

Just look at the pearls though. So pretty. Just waiting to be squished and blended on your face... like caviar or something.

This is one half pump. And at first sniff, it smells exactly like Johnson and Johnson Baby shampoo. EXACTLY.The Johnsons smell does dissipate reasonable quickly, so its not an issue. 

It needs to be worked into the skin for the pearl "shells" to dissolve. And result is something very subtle. Its not going to be in your face.

See, blended in, this practically disappears. It is subtly subtle. The epitome of subtle. BUT, it does help my foundation stick to my face better. Even on the oily bits. While its radiance enhancing properties seem subtle (there is that word again), my foundation looks pretty good on my face. I am not sure how its going to affect my skin, its only been a week and I don't use it every day. But it does feel good, when I do use it... time will tell.

Next up is Lily's "favourite" product. This is Lily Cole for The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Dome in 21 Crazy for Coral (RRP €15). I can see why she would like this product, especially with her colouring.

It is Sheer. And better suited to the glorious pale Irish skin tones. This colour hardly shows up when swatched on my hand. Its pretty though. Pretty and Subtle (there is that word again)...

This peach coloured solid gel/cream blends like a dream. It is build-able to a point, but it will never be in your face colour, and even if you are as cack-handed as I am, a few quick swipes across my cheekbones and a sneaky blend leaves a lovely glow on my cheeks.

This pic shows it swatched heavily (6 - 8 swipes) on the top/middle of my hand, and lightly (2 swipes) on the bottom (close to my thumb), and you can see how sheer it is.

This one is with a flash: (heavily swatched on the center/left of my hand and lightly swatched on the right/thumb side). This does not look great on my lips. But my cheeks are left with a lovely glow...

I would love to get my hands on the Pinch Me Pink Dome, and see if it give a bit more colour on my skin and if it would suit my lips more...

As I said earlier, this is going to be a marmite collection. You are either going to like it or loathe it. I like it. I am all about the subtle.

The primer helps my foundation to stick and last a bit longer, and I like the glow that the colour dome gives. I would happily re-purchase the dome, and I will try to get my hands on the Pink one.

All in all, from what I have seen it is subtle and pretty, perfect for good healthy summer skin... and its al reasonable priced too, add in the fact that it is 100% vegetarian and cruelty free and it appeals even more.

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  1. The dome looks lovely - nice to see a pic of it in your hand to gauge the actual size as I assumed it was much bigger. It's a lovely shade of peach and I also look forward to trying the pink!

    nic x


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