Monday, 21 May 2012

Mani(c) Monday... More Essence

€3.49 will buy you this beauty from budget busting beauty brand: Essence.

Midnight Date & City That Never Sleeps is from the Nail Colour3 range which is on stands RIGHT NOW!!! But, being the silly numpty that I am, I didn't take pictures of the colours separately. I will do a post with them soon and link back. I promise.

Midnight Date is a gorgeous deep blue with loads of silver and blue micro shimmer.

City That Never Sleeps is a weird colour to describe, it's a purple jelly colour, filled with peacock-green flakes. Yes, flakes. Its not glitter, its not shimmer. Its like when you use gold foil and it all breaks up into uneven flakes and bits, yeah, that. But its pretty. Peacock pretty.

And this is what one coat of City looks like layered over one coat of Date:

One coat of Midnight Date isn't 100% opaque, but to be fair, it was a thin coat so that it could dry quickly. And it was about 90% opaque. I will be playing around with this a bit more in the future. I like blues...

Its a gorgeous combo, and I can't wait to play around with the top coat on other colours in my collection... 

It lasted about 3 days before I noticed tip wear, But I recon with a good top coat you should get a good week from this.

I really like the essence polishes at the moment. They are cheap, with small bottles in a rainbow of colours! What's not to love? I am still loving all over Boys Are Back In Town... And with polishes as cheap as this you can change your colour everyday!


  1. I have the pink one of these and i love how the glitter particles anre so tiny and dencely packed :)

    1. essence are fab for that, they really do deliver and at a fab price too! Thanks for reading and commenting! I do appreciate it!


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