Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Standard...

This is the make up I am wearing at the moment. My foundation isn't pictured, but its the Catrice 18hr one.

Yes its boring. But it's fast and easy to do in the mornings, and I look half presentable when I come downstairs in the mornings to do School runs, groceries etc...

It takes me all of 7 minutes to do, I am a little wobbly with the liner sometimes, but I generally get it to look ok.

On Friday last, I decided to add a bit of something extra. I decided to risk my cack-handed-ness and I applied false lashes.

My feathers of choice: 1000 Hour False Lashes. Wicked Lush cost me all of €3.99. These are the half-lash ones. Nice and subtle, perfect for me. The band is quite thick though, and it makes them a bit hard to place. Not a bother for a lash-pro, but I am no pro, in-fact I think my make-up mirror should probably have a nice big red L on it. I am a learner, still.

I am quite pleased with the result. I used the glue that came with them, and they remained stuck to my eyelids from 9:30am until 8pm when I removed them.

What I really liked about them was their lightness. Once I had applied them, within 5 minutes, I had forgotten about them. They are comfortable to wear and looked completely natural. Not at all false. Just a bit of extra length and volume at the corners of my eyes.

You can just see the band on my lash-line :

Just for giggles:

Catrice "Oops nude did it again" all over the eye
Avon Glimmerstick "Blackest Black" to get the liner just right
Essence Liquid liner "Black" to get the flick sharp and fill in any gaps between the lashes
Avon Big Colour Stick "Icy Frost" as a brow definer and a teeny bit under the flick to keep the eye "open"
Catrice Volume + Curl Mascara "Black"

 And the swatches:

Top to bottom:
Avon Big Colour stick
Essence Liquid Liner
Avon Glimmer stick
Catrice Eye shadow.

The best thing about this look, is that it suits any lipstick choice that might take my fancy in the mornings. And it sticks around for the day.


  1. I'm still working at the eye liner flick! I always have one that goes crap on me! :(

  2. LOVE IT. I advocate lashes and liner at every possible oppertunity! x


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