Thursday, 15 March 2012

Birds of a feather...

Spring is starting to creep slowly into my wardrobe. Light pastels and Bright colours in the form of t-shirts and shoes have been accompanying my usual jeans and jumper combo.

And as the birds have started chirping a bit earlier in the mornings, I decided to open my wardrobe to them too...

The Brassy Swallow is a Penneys buy, I think it cost me 50c on sale.

I got the Owl from the Lovely Dee (Dee-Lightful Thoughts)... Blog sales are a fab way to pass on things you no longer want, to somebody who will give it a good home :)

My Pink "Pelican".
 I know it's really a flamingo.
 The story goes like this:
My dad is an avid bird watcher. And I can remember my utter disgust at being dragged to a wild bird sanctuary on a Sunday morning, when I could be sleeping late, to traipse around a veldt, swotting mozzies and flys away, trying not to get sunburned, and trying to walk quietly so that we didn't scare the birds away.

One day (I was around 16 at the time), we were in a hide ( a place that is covered where you can hide and watch the birds without getting rained on/sunburned and my Dad whispers to us, somewhat breathlessly: "look at all those Pelicans..."
"Pelicans?? Where???" I whisper back excitedly, I have never seen a pelican in real life before, I have seen the pictures, I have studied all the bird books. I can see a massive flock of birds, but not one of them is a Pelican.
"There, there" he says pointing urgently, pointing at the flock of birds
"Dad, " I say "let me see those binocs, are the lens caps off?"
" There is a massive flock of them, they are pink, how can you miss them. Look: Pelicans!" he insists rather impatiently.
"Ah, Dad? Those aren't Pelicans. Those pink birds that you are pointing at, I am pretty sure those are called Flamingos..."
".... "
"Uh, ja. Thats what I meant" he says very, very quietly...
Ever since then, My dad has never lived that down.

My Pink Pelican came from Avon and it cost me €6 about 3 years ago. It's one of my most favourite pieces, but one that I don't wear often enough. I must make more of an effort.

Time for a shake-up again...


  1. Love them all and I'm giggling away here at the pelican story ;)

  2. I love the bird that is so so pretty!!!



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