Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another cheap shot...

I haven't seen this range on my local Catrice stand before. I should know. I check it almost every day. And upon consulting www.catrice.eu I confirmed my suspicions. The Volume + range is new to stands, and there are 3 in the range: Curl, Length and Waterproof. And they cost a measly €3.99 per tube.

So Volume + Curl came home with me on my last visit. I like purple ok.

First impressions are good, the brush comes out of the tube easily and is loaded with a good amount of product. Actually, the first time the wand came out of the tube with far too much "batter*"  on it, but the next time I took it out I twirled the brush/wand against the edge as I removed it from the tube.

It is black. A good solid black. Not some namby-pamby wanna-be black. The actual batter is a lovely and creamy and coats each lash nicely.

The brush is very different to anything I have used before. It is cone shaped AND it is curved. Very curved.

The curve helps to push the lashes up and promote the curled open-eyed look. The conical-ness helps too, but the skinny end really gets to the itty-bitty corner lashes and coats then with batter to really volumise them. The bristles on this particular brush also felt quite soft (some brushes can feel quite scratchy and hard), but this was gentle and didn't pull at my lashes at all, just coated them with the right amount of product.

I like that my lashes didn't feel crunchy, and I only really needed one coat to get the effect I like. It gave loads of length too. Two coats would give some serious drama and would be great for a night out. But since the only place I go is school drop-offs and grocery pick-ups, one coat does me just fine.

2 eyes, 1 coat

I didn't have flaking issues with this, it lasted all day (from 8am until 9pm) and not a panda eye, or smudge in sight. I thought it was going to be a bit of a "beeotch" to remove, but it came away quite easily when I used my (almost empty) RoC Make up remover.

Bare lashes
Just call me chuffed.

One eye,  One coat

 Another fantastic product from Catrice. They have really upped their game!

 * Lash Batter is trademarked by Cherry Sue Doing the Do


  1. oh lovely, i need a new mascara, might give this a go!!!

  2. can you tell me where to find this in stores???

    1. I found this in my Local Pharmacy in Blackrock Co Louth, but Catrice is stocked in some Dunnes, and Pharmacies around the country. Also see this post by Beaut.ie : http://beaut.ie/blog/2010/beaut-ie-investigates-catrice-stockists-in-ireland/

    2. I just realised you are in the UK. Not sure if you can get them in the UK, if not, Email me I will see if I can make a plan!

  3. Will keep this one in mind for when I need a mascara, sounds great and what a brilliant price.


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