Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cos its Wednesday...

I love me a bit of Nekkid Mark Hoppus

I was obviously not good enough for Santa last year, because he neglected to leave Jared Leto (in this video) under the tree for me. Pause it at 04:52 and gaze upon the gloriousness of his ripped bod. And the Eyes... Oh, the eyes... 

Saving the best for last...

Just in case you missed his gorgeousness

pic from

 the only man who makes "cheese" look awesome:

Pic from Q

Pic : Ross Halfin

Pic : Ross Halfin


  1. my tummy flipped over when I saw the pic of Dave Grohl on the steps *sigh* I adore him x

  2. @KnightsEclectic: I know. He is a rock god.

  3. Thank you. Thank you for them all. Jared Leto...............I think I've been asking Santa for him since I was about 12! It's the "The Kill" video that gets me - TWO JAREDS!!!! One each! Great taste, missus. Love them all.


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