Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Joyful Jiggling Jelly

This is a pot of question marks.

What is it? Where do you use it? How do you use it? When do you use it? Why do you use it?

What, where, how,when, why... the 5 Question words that make a story worth reading, according to my high school English teacher.

I know that lots of people don't know how to use this, and because of this they shy away from this little pot of  scrumptious-ness.

Lush Sweetie-Pie Shower Jelly is a bit of a conundrum.  It's purple jelly, with glitter in it and it smells edible. And it has glitter in it. But really, its just a semi-solid shower gel/shampoo. With glitter in it.

Cherry, coconut and cassis are listed as the main scents in this. I don't get cherry or coconut but I do get the wonderful sugary juicy smell of Jelly Tots (courtesy of the cassis). Yep. The sweets. Yummo!

Lush  suggest keeping this in the fridge or freezer, as you would do with Jelly, to give you the wake up kick you need. But its just a suggestion.

Personally I just keep it in the bathroom, because otherwise I first have to stumble down the stairs, trip over school and work bags and shoes, dodge the breakfast/tea/coffee request assault, locate the shower gel (behind the lettuce, under the cheese, next to the tomato), then trudge back up the stairs, avoid demands for ironed shirts/trousers/boxers (in his dreams), undress, re-dress, get a DRY towel from the cupboard, undress, turn on the water, turn off the water, dress, stomp back down the stairs, replace the cottage cheese tub (grabbed mistakenly), huff back up the stairs, make sure I have the correct tub, turn on the water, undress and step into the shower. All before I have had my first cup of coffee. Can you tell I have done this before?

Now I just keep it on the edge of the sink. And step into the shower. Try not to get water into the tub and allow the jelly to sit in the water, because it will dissolve. Then its not fun.

So that was the 'What'. The 'Where' is obvious: use it in the shower or the bath. Apparently it makes a brilliant bubble bath, but I haven't tried that. Yet. My 'Where' is in the shower.

The 'How' requires a bit of wrangling. I like to use my cheap-@$$ exfoliating gloves (from Penneys/Primark €1.50), because with the grippy-ness of the gloves, its less likely to slither away and disappear down the plug-hole.

Then I wrangle/pinch/nip/wrestle/squeeze/rip/separate/tear off a piece of jelly (or, and I swear I just thought of this now, use a spotlessly clean scissor to chop and mangle the jelly into little, easily removable, chunks) and moosh (technical blogger term, I looked it up) it into the gloves with a bit of water until it dissolves into a load of silky, heavenly scented bubbles.

Lather up, scrub up, rinse off.

You can use this as a shampoo too, it leaves your hair smelling gorgeous and squeeeeeky clean, but I need to use conditioner on my locks, so I lose the smell of sweeties then :(

You would need to use this 'When' you want smell edible. The scent hangs around for a little while after showering. And its really yummy.

The 'Why' is obvious. To get clean. But in a fun way.

I like this. Its fun, quirky and different. It foams up a treat in the shower. It smells delish. It cleans my skin without drying it out. It makes a great quirky interesting gift.

I got this as part of the Wild Child gift box for my birthday. But a 100g pot retails for £2.95 (I think its about €5 in the republic but I am not as the Irish website isn't up yet). Get it on the Lush Website  or  in stores.

Oh yes... I almost forgot that if you Bring back 5 clean empty pots (from Lush) you get to choose a free face mask.

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  1. Oh my god! You've sealed it I'm going to lush tomorrow. Literally all the blogs I've been reading have amazing products from lush in them and I am so jealous! I need to go!
    I know what you mean about the storage issues, I had to store my facemask in the fridge and then I kept forgetting about it. I'd be in the shower and I'd go 'damn!' so I eventually had to relent as it supposedly went off the next day and slap it all on my face!
    Maybe less perishable products for me lol!



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