Thursday, 19 January 2012

Favourite Budget Mascara.

This is one of my favourite Mascaras that Avon does.

 The Good :-
- its not too wet,(I have done the sneeze test, and the "OW, $*£&£$!!!! I just poked myself in the eye!" test)
-it gives good definition
-the tube doesn't dry out too quickly,
-it holds a curl well,
-it makes my lashes look a bit longer but still natural,
-it doesn't flake,
-it has great staying power for something that isn't waterproof,
-its cheap,
-it makes for a great easy quick day look
-one coat looks great, 2 coats looks Fab
-the tube twists closed with a lovely soft click so you know its closed properly

The Bad:
-it can clump
 er... that is all I can think of actually.

Avon's SuperCurlacious Mascara comes in two colours, Black or Black/Brown and RRP is €11. But I wait for it to go on special and then pick up 2 or three tubes and just leave them in the drawer until I need them. Brochure 2 of 2012 has them on special for €6.50. Bargain.

The brush is a slightly curved, slighty flexible rubber 'hedge-hog" brush which I like. The tube opening is also great as it allows just enough of the product to leave the tube on the brush to make application easy.

Warning: So you can see what it does and how it looks I did a series of pics.

So this is what my lashes look like bare. Excuse the tiredness, please. I have used a bit of concealer under my eyes (I haven't blended it properly :( ) and Essence I Heart Backstage eyeshadow primer on my lids. That is it, no liner, no shadow (eek).

This is one coat:

One coat on the left eye, nothing on the right eye:

Two coats:

Two coats on the left one coat on the right:

Two coats on each eye:

I prefer to use this for day looks as two coats can look a bit clumpy, especially if you don't take the time to comb through the lashes properly. Its great for the school run or a coffee morning. Its not too expensive so if  it goes missing its not a big deal.

My Luxe mascara purchase though with be Diorshow New Look Mascara. You can see it over on Ree's blog, I will own this, somehow, some way, I will have it!


  1. It looks fab, amazing results for the price! I'm using the Essence I love one at the minute, I find it getting clumpier the more I use it though (but happens to me with all mascara). Great post!

  2. looks like it works really well! I'll definitely give it a try next time x

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  3. That looks great actually! I've never used any Avon products but thats definitely one to remember about!



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