Friday, 18 November 2011

Nudey Nudey...

This is the other Nails Inc polish I got in December 2011's Glamour Magazine.

For the Princely sum of €2.98 I got a polish that is worth €15 (and a magazine perfect for a 6yr old's collage art). The other colour I got was Tate

This is Basil Street. 

Its an easy polish to work with, I used two thin coats and they dried to a lovely shiny finish. Two coats is 95% opaque, I recon for full opacity you would need a third coat, especially if you are using thin coats.

A very pretty nude, this is subtle central. Perfect if you are not going to do Santa nails :) 

If you want one of these (for this price), best get yourself to your local news agent...


  1. This is the one I got as well! I like that's it's a darker nude colour. I'm still considering going and getting more copies of the magazine to get the other colours...

  2. Nice nail colour!


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