Tuesday, 8 November 2011

lady in red...

...that classic tune from Christopher John Davison. Or Chris de Burgh as he is more commonly known.

When this song was released in the mid 80's (1986 according to good old wiki), the world went mad and so Kelloggs Special K was born. But don't quote me on that one ;)

Anyways. This is one of the first songs I learned to play on my Casio 60key Keyboard that I got for christmas in 1988. I was a whole 9 years old and totally in love with that flipping song. I also learned Little Brown Jug and Grandma's Feather Bed. I was a total rocker...

I have owned very few red things in my life. A pair of red corduroy trousers when I was 6. A pair of red chorduroy trousers when I was 17 ..... and that is it really. There are rumours that I may have owned a red jumper that my Granny knitted for me. And I am Deny-Deny-Denying ever owning a red and white check playsuit when I was 8. *shudder*

I never really liked red. I am not particularly bothered by the sight of blood and I probably would have made a great surgeon if I had bothered to actually study hard enough to make the points needed to get into a medical course in college. But I was too busy having fun.

But I have never really been drawn to red. Never really felt the neeeeEEEeeed to own something red. As much as I loved the song, I couldn't be bothered trying to actually have a red dress to wear.  I was given the only bottle of red nail varnish I own. Its a Max Factor Sample. And it was given to my by a friend. I have used it.... never. I opened it to check the shade and that was it. It fell to the bottom of my little case.

So when the December Issue of Glamour Magazine hit stands with one of 4 shades of Nails Inc nail varnish, I decided to try the red one.

Its called Tate. And its so Pretty. With a capital P. For the first time I look at my red nails and they don't scream 'prostitute'. Lets be clear here now... I like red on other people, but on my own fingers I always felt like it looked odd.

But this... This is a much darker red. Almost like it has a bit of black pigment in it.

 A very goth red.

A dominatrix red.

A grown up red.

A red I Love.

The first coat is a little patchy, but I like to apply 2 thin coats which dry quickly rather than hanging about waiting for one really tick coat to dry. Kids don't like to wait for anything, never mind something as trivial as Mommy's nails to dry...
2 coats and 20 minutes later with my favourite base and top coat of Avon 24k Gold Strength... and its really cool.
I am wearing all black tomorrow to show of my new red nails...

Flash, Ahhhaaa....
no flash

These retail for around £11 or €15. So if I could get one for free with my usual spend of €2.98 for my mag fix... sure I might just go back and get another colour...

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  1. I'm a big fan of red nails. And red lips too for that matter. I picked Glamour up last night and got the darkest Rouge Noir-esque colour, looking forward to trying it out.


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