Monday, 26 September 2011

WTF... (wrap tomato fish-finger)

"Yay!!!! Mommy is making chicken wraps for dinner!!!!!" squealed the kids running rings around mommy in the kitchen.

Mommy opens the fridge and..... *insert dramatic music here - duhn duhn duhhhhh*... realises she has no chicken. She has Boerewors (South African spiced beef sausage), pork chops and fish fingers.

"Okay... okay... don't panic" she thinks while two ravenous maniacs are threatening to gnaw her legs off at the knee.

So this is what I did... genius really. Would be perfect food if the sun was shining and it was warm. Not raining and generally miserable.

For the kids I grilled the fish fingers, then layered them over fresh sliced tomato and cucumber on top of a wrap. With a squish of mayo.

 Yum was the verdict. And no moans about having to eat the veggies. its a winner in my book.

For the adults I grilled the boerewors (pronounced boo-rah-vors) in the oven. It should traditionally be cooked on the the Braai (brr-aye... as in yes) and layered that on top of the tomato, cucumber, lettuce and wrap. Mayo and my trusty Nando's HOT sauce were the condiments of choice. Yum.

BBG (boerie before grilling)

A little bit of a South African sunshine on a plate.

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