Monday, 12 October 2015

Lovely Lush Bits for Autumn Winter 2015

I'm late getting this post up as I was in denial that it is actually Autumn... but Lush have you covered if you are looking for warming, comforting bathing bits, from your hair to the tip of your toes.

There are over 60 new products, so lots of new things to try, I took photos of a few bits at the launch in the Grafton Street store... but you really need to pop in and check out the new bits... they all smell gorgeous.

There are loads of new hair bits. From toning shampoos and new solid shampoo bars to these lovely Hot Oil Treatment hair masks. You basically melt them in hot water, apply to dry hair, wait and then rinse. They are pricey (€8.95), but you should only have to treat your hair once every 6 - 8 weeks. They are Intense. Also... That is what a full size Trichomania shampoo bar looks like and it reminds me of Coconut Ice!

Lush Bubbleroons are super concentrated bubblebars with amped up hydrations levels. And they aren't just shaped like macarons anymore... now they look like shells or roses. Dissolve the whole thing in the bath for a super lush treat or if like me you are needing to tempt the kids into the bath, break this into quarters (4 baths) and get your moneys worth!

Lush Shower Smoothies are Divine. Turkish Delight Roulade (Rose), Coconut Scrubby Roulade and Dreamwash Roulade are my picks. Use it like a scrubby soap, but the oils and butters stay on the skin and if you rinse and dry carefully there is no need to apply lotion. Well not unless you have a handsome bearded man who is going to apply it for you.

The new Lush Shades of Earl Grey Massage bar is better than a cup of the actual stuff. It smells exactly like a freshly brewed cup of Earl Grey (one of my favourites) and the bergamot is warming and calming and exactly what I need when I'm PMSing. The massage action helps too. I need this.

There are loads and loads of new bath bombs, some of which I mentioned in my post here. My pick of the new ones for winter sniffles is Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb. The peppermint is invigorating and will help to clear heads to get ready for the day ahead. Not a sleepy time bath bomb, this is a wake up the dead bath bomb. Its good.

There are also 3 new Lush Shower gels and 2 brand spanking new Shower creams. Yuzu And Cocoa and The Comforter are the shower creams. The 1st best thing about them is that their foam is coloured. The bubbles are Yellow or Pink. the 2nd best thing is that the scent is INTENSE and lingers on the skin until morning. If you had a love affair with The Comforter Bubble bar and wished that they would make it into a shower gel your prayers have been answered. Its bloody Gorgeous. And Imma need a big bottle of this to see me through the winter nights.  Its my favourite.

There are also a whole load of new Lush gift boxes. The nicest one that I saw (and the one that would be perfect for pretty much anyone) is the Lush Spa box. The products are lovely and when they are gone the box would be perfect for jewelry or makeup storage.

I was sent home with a few of the new bits too. But my pick of the bunch, of All of the new bits actually, is the Lush Life's A Beach Body Scrub (£12.50 I don't have a euro price). Lush say this is supposed to foam on contact with water. Mine doesn't. But I will forgive them that because this scrub is the nicest, scrubby scrub I have EVER used. Now. It is NOT for sensitive skins and DON'T use it after shaving. The salt will sting like a sumbitch if used in broken skin, and you can scrub too hard if you get enthusiastic (its beach sand duh), but my skin feels like it is brand new after going over it with Life's A Beach. The Vanilla, Jasmine and tonka combine to create a scent that is grown up vanilla musk. Nothing sweet about it. Just gorgeously sensuous. I LOVE IT.

   And so does himself. Its not just for her.

 If you are going to treat yourself to only a few things, then my recommendation is The Comforter Shower Cream and Life's A Beach scrub. There are a whole host of new Limited Edition things for Halloween that are out already and they look amazing, and You just KNOW that the xmas drop is going to be amazing. But if you can't wait until then... get the shower cream and the scrub. You won't regret it!

**Post contains samples Gratefully received, Opinions my own


  1. Great review! I think these products are worth checking out. They seem like good ones.

  2. I only tried Lush for the first time last year, definitely want to see what they have for Christmas this year!


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