Monday, 19 October 2015

Essence: All About loveliness

I am a big fan of essence products. For the most part they are fantastic little products especially considering their prices. While they aren't PRO products, they do perform really well and are a great way to treat yourself to the new fads that come in with the seasons. The new All About palettes are gems for the brad are are so worth picking up!

I picked up two colour ways that I knew I would love and use. Each palette contains 8 colours and costs €4.99. FOUR NINETY NINE! For 8 buttery colours. And they are ALL buttery, glittery goodness. There is usually a dud colour or two in a palette that tends to chalky or dry, but not in these.

I normally don't go for the essence eyeshadows as I did find it hard to get a decent pay off. You won't have that problem with these palettes. I ran my finger over the shadows lightly twice and then swiped them onto my arm. Eh: Wow. Soft and creamy powders with fabulous pigmentation. They only thing I struggle with is fallout. So do watch out for that when you apply the darker colours and make sure to clean up under the eyes to avoid a glitter halo around the eyes.

The essence All About Bronze palette has 8 warm browns, golds and bronzes. I love this palette. But go easy on the blending as it can tend to blend all into one colour if you aren't careful.

even though I over blended I still love the colours

The other really lovely product that is very underrated is the new Matt Touch Blush (less than €3). I picked up the shade 20 Berry Me Up!. It's a pretty matte coral colour that blends easily and isn't at all powdery. I think the pigmentation is perfect.

I am afraid of highly pigmented blushers. I am always scared that I pick up too much colour on my brush, and even after tapping off as much of the excess as I can, I am afraid of ending up with Dolly Cheeks. But not with this as it has been very firmly packed into the pan so there is not going to be "blush dust". It is build-able, blends easily and looks wonderfully natural without too much effort. I really like it.

Perfect for a day look, this isn't going last a 16 hour day, but will do a standard 8 hour work day quite nicely. The other shade is called Peach Me Up! and is a warmer peach based colour. I'll be getting that too.

Essence has been reformulating their products and re-releasing them and they are very, very lovely. So far I am really impressed and I can't wait to see what else they are going to do...

**No samples... and Opinions are my own!

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  1. I am interested in your reviews of essence products and even more interested in those brushes, which are just gorgeous. I'm new to Ireland. Where can I get these?


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