Thursday, 2 July 2015

They've cracked it: A properly nice tasting coconut water

innocent. Synonymous with tasty smoothies and cool knitted beanies on their bottles that raise money for charities, we have all had one of their drinks. Well, they have only gone and made the most delicious coconut water. Ever.

Himself has been know to dabble in a few amateur MMA fights and has had to do the whole "weight cut" to "make weight" and then try to re-hydrate and put the extra mass on in the time after weigh-in and before the fight (yes, I know... the ambiguity). He has used coconut waters in the past as they are popular among the MMA crowd, especially for re-hydrating post weigh-in, but they haven't really tasted the best... like I know fresh coconut water to taste. But innocent have actually "cracked it". They have made a product that tastes like it is supposed to.

innocent coconut water is made from a blend of a specially selected varieties of coconut. And that's it. No extra additives, concentrates or added sugar/sweeteners to improve the taste. It naturally contains a high percentage of potassium which is an essential mineral in maintaining hydration levels, making this the perfect drink for the blessedly hot days we have been having. And it tastes JUST like the stuff you try so hard to catch when you crack coconuts at home. It is proper lovely. Honest. Even the kids liked it!

The gorgeous folks over at innocent sent me 2 500ml (RRP 2.99) cartons to try and I am so glad they did because I didn't have to fight himself for a glass. It is seriously delish, on its own straight from the fridge. In the cool glass that came in the even cooler cooler bag. (yep... I said it). You can find cartons in the fridge section of your supermarket.

I have been consistently inconsistent the last few weeks with the blog. But I have my reasons. We were away for our first proper family "vaycay"and if you follow me on instagram you would have seen we have a new baby too: a 3month old pupster that goes by Flash. He's awesome and he is robbing and chewing everything. And I had been running round like a blue arsed fly in this heat trying to get everything organised and sorted and this little package arrived at just the right time. It has made re-hydrating a pleasure and I will deffo be picking a few more up for the day after the night before and also days where I want a wee treat.

innocent coconut water gets a thumbs up from the Skew Clan

innocent have cracked it. A coconut water in a handy carton that tastes as fresh as those yokes you can get on those beaches in those fancy resorts. All you have to do is close your eyes and pretend you are there...


  1. I love anything Innocent to be honest!

  2. Well, I think this is something worth trying out. It sounds like a good product and its healthy too.

  3. I like innocent, I might give this a try - I like how it comes in smaller cartons! I have actually NEVER tasted coconut water.......went through a phase of pretending I was allergic to coconuts as a child....

    1. I like that is tastes exactly like the stuff that spills out of the coconuts you crack yourself. I find the others taste a bit "not quite right"...


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