Friday, 1 May 2015

I am the Mum who...

The very lovely Sharon (Behind Green Eyes) tagged me. I like posts like this because they give a little insight into the mind behind the blog.


- Always over-packs. Always.
- has been known to throw toys in the dustbin to teach my kids a lesson.
- has retrieved said toys out of the dustbin when the kids are asleep, wash the toys and put them away.
- is very strict with my kids, especially regarding manners and their own property. And other peoples property.
- will forget to buy fresh bread. And get up early to make scones or pancakes for school lunch
- will ask my kids 6000 times to make sure their lunch is packed in their school bags only get home after dropping them at school and get home to find a lunch box sitting on the kitchen table.
- will threaten to leave them at school with no lunch... only to drive back to the school and drop their lunch with them...
- is not afraid to get up and leave a restaurant(after paying the bill)/party/group if my kids are misbehaving or moaning at me.
- is a little bit afraid of what the world will do to my children. Insta-technology, always being available, the horror stories of phone cameras.
- un-ashamedly loves my children, and will take kisses from my wee man and little lady while I can still get them.
- who nags my kids to do their chores.
- who makes my kids do their homework straight after school so that they have the rest of the afternoon and evening to play without having to worry about still having to do it.
- will go in and make the kids beds in the morning, but leave the clothes and toys on the floor. Gotta draw the line somewhere.
- has fought for decent treatment for my daughter's eczema. I changed doctors twice.
- is terrified of going back to work in a "regular" workplace.
- still can't quite figure out how 2 kids can manage to wreck a clean house within 15 minutes.
- can deal with most insects. Just not ParkTown Prawns. Don't bother googling it. Its horrible. Just take my word for it.

I don't know who to tag... I think they've all been tagged to do this already, but if you haven't, and you have kids: you're it!


  1. Loved this! Not googling that thing though very very tempted... does the strict thing surprise you? It surprised me how strict I am sometimes, I'm also very afraid of the world and what it has in store, was only saying last night it's so different now to even when I was a teenager, everything's so instant and so public and so immediate... one day at a time I think! x

    1. I'm not surprised about being strict... my parents were very strict, and the liberties that I've given my own kids makes me question my methods sometimes. But with the way things are changing... the way we react has to change too... so I am just trying to instill a sense of decency into them. But you are right... one day at a time


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