Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Miners : Budget bits for beginners

I was invited to pop into Jocelyn Pharmacy in my (new) hometown of Dundalk, County Louth a few weeks ago, to check out Miners Cosmetics. Jocelyn Pharmacy is located at the top of Jocelyn street, and while it looks like it could do with a new coat of paint from the outside... its immaculately clean and orderly inside. With a bit of everything (its where I got my Invisibobbles!) and a full Isa Dora stand (Yay!) it is worth checking out.

Having not grown up in Ireland (or the UK) Miners is a new brand to me and I was keen to have a look-see at these budget beauty bits. Joanna very kindly gifted me these bits to play with:

Miners is a proper budget range. Products starting at €0.99 and no single product is more than €2.99. And while there are some products that don't float my boat, there are one or two gems, overall though, this would be a great as an introduction to makeup, especially for a younger age group.

The Blusher Brick comes in two variants, The Pinks and The Browns. I got the latter which costs €2.99 for a decent sized "brick" with three colour bars. Swatched, the pigmentation is pretty good, but trying to get a blended swatch is difficult. You can see it on my face, but it is very subtle, no shimmer here, just subtle colour.

Miners Eyeshadow Trio (€1.99) comes in 4 colour ways. Above is the Safari Trio and even though it is on the shimmery side, its rather pretty. Also, ot massively pigmented, but it means its pretty fool proof to slap on in the mornings when you're in a rush. I like it. Its a bit more pigmented than most of the Essence singles, but not as pigmented as most of Catrice's shadows. As I said... great for beginners.

Wearing Blusher Brick, Eyeshadow Trio, Mascara and Lip Gloss.

Miners The Matte Factor Lip Paint is very nice for something that costs €2.99. Its quite awesome actually. A liquid lipstick that dries to a comfy matte-ish finish. Its not completely matte, but there isn't any shine on it either. Its very comfortable on my lips, and doesn't magnify or sit in dry patches. Warm Red is bright and eye-catching and feels very old Hollywood. It does need touching up, but only after serious eating and drinking. It still looks good after 3hrs of wine drinking and that's good enough for me! There are 5 other colours... for €2.99 and a velvety feel on the lips... Bargain.

Miners Luxe Lips Creme Gloss (€2.99) in Beauty Queen lives in my car. A glossy gloss sans stickiness, that gives a polished look to my lips and makes me look like I've at least made a bit of an effort. Even when all I've done is chuck on a bit of BB cream. This is surprising to me because normally... I don't like gloss.

Miners Tin o' Tint (€2.99) comes in 7 different flavours, each with a its own pretty well pigmented tint. Cherry smells lovely, and even though it is primarily vaseline... it doesn't taste terrible. And its tinted. Well tinted. But it means you have to be careful applying it without a mirror to check you haven't smeared it all over your face, and you will always need a handy tissue to wipe off the residue from your finger...

To re-cap: I rate the lip products, I'm not mad about the blusher brick and the eyeshadows are great for beginners starting out, who are still trying to decide which colours they like. I did also get the waterproof Mascara, but I struggled with it... it just didn't do anything for me... so I would rather spend my moolah elsewhere.

I think I'd like to try the eye pencils and the Dip and Define eyeshadows next and see how they compare. I'm also going to hit up that beautifully stocked, un-ravaged Isa Dora stand before my holidays to pick up a few bits.

Is Miners something you grew up with? Have you used it? Does it bring back memories?

Check out Miners Cosmetics in selected Pharmacies (including Jocelyn Pharmacy in Dundalk!!)

**Samples provided for review, Opinions my own

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  1. I wanna try that Miners Tin o' Tint. The packaging is super cute and the idea that it does not taste terible and really smell so good. I also like that its well pigmented.


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